National Networks

National networks bring together groups of members around specific areas of professional practice, or who have common interests. National networks are a constituted sub-division under AMaGA's organisational structure and as such each one has a committee and reporting responsibilities. Any member of a network can join the committee.

As per Clause 35 of the AMaGA Constitution, office bearers and committee members of active sub-divisions of the association (ie: branches, chapters or national networks) must be current members of AMaGA - either individual or the named representative for an AMaGA member organisation - throughout their committee term. Membership of national networks is also only open only to current members of AMaGA.

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Most national networks charge an additional small fee on top of the AMaGA membership fee. This network fee goes towards network-specific benefits such as bursaries to professional development events, network newsletters and organising workshops and seminars throughout the year.


National networks have the option to convene a dedicated session and/or, information sessions or network-specific social events within the program of, or adjacent to, the annual AMaGA national conference.

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