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The Art Craft Design National Network [ACD NN] draws together museum professionals from across the sector to focus attention on and respond to the issues that impact on the presentation, collection and interpretation of art, craft and design, our specific interests, our institutions and our colleagues.

The ACD NN is a lobbying group within Museums Australia.  The elected committee ensures Museums Australia recognises the role of visual art, craft and design within the broader museum and gallery sector and how art gallery professionals (including those in the private sector) work with visual artists, crafts people and designers.  

In addition, the ACD NN ensures a profile for the visual arts, craft and design is maintained within the annual Museums Australia Conference programs and provides Museums Australia Council advice in regard to visual art, craft and design issues.

Mission Statement 
To involve members in identifying issues and creating opportunities for exchange and innovation in the arts, craft and design sector in Museums Australia.

The ACD NN understands that the 'museum' sector includes art museums, public art galleries - state, metropolitan and regional art galleries (institutions and individuals) - Crafts Council galleries, galleries in tertiary institutions, contemporary art spaces, artist-run spaces and private sector art workers.

This dynamic national network offers members the opportunity to:

contribute to the strength of the sector;
stay in touch with, and contribute to national and international arts news and employment notices through an e-newsletter;
support and contribute to Australia’s only national museum association;
feed into national strategies that impact the art gallery and museum sector;
participate on a committee level; and
participate in annual ACD NN sessions at the national MA conference and other sector gatherings.
This network is currently seeking active and enthusiastic committee members to rejuvenate the network.

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