Australian Museums and Galleries Association and The Australian Privacy Act 1988

The Australian Privacy Act requires the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) to provide information about the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information. This Privacy Statement is prepared in conjunction with the Privacy Commissioner's ten National Privacy Principles (NPPs).

1 Collection of Information

AMaGA collects information from members such as title, full names, postal and street address, telephone, facsimile, e-mail contact details (both private and business), and occupation. Additional information collected from organisational members includes the name, title and contact details of the designated representative and any additional email addresses of employees/volunteers within the organisation, number of staff, and collection areas of the organisation.

Employee information is collected on commencement of employment. This information includes title, full name, postal and street address, telephone, email, bank account, tax file number, superannuation details and next of kin. 

Member information is collected directly from new and renewing members from membership forms, both online and offline. Staff information is collected directly on employment.

2 Use of Information

Member information is collected, held and used by AMaGA for the purposes of servicing the membership and of providing information to members related to AMaGA’s activities.

Employee information is collected, held and used by AMaGA for the purposes required under relevant employment legislation including payroll, tax reporting, superannuation and workers compensation.

It is understood that the personal information/contact details provided by employees and members will be held and used for such purposes, in accordance with AMaGA's Privacy Statement.

3 - 4 Information Quality and Security

(a) AMaGA discloses employee information through the payroll system to the Australian Taxation Office and employee's Superannuation Fund. Employee's private information is kept in a secure area at state offices employing staff and at the National Office.

(b) AMaGA discloses member information to state/territory branches and National Networks as indicated on the membership form, and to agents that post out AMaGA's Magazine as well as magazines and newsletters produced by the state branches and National Networks of the Association.

(c) From time to time, AMaGA might enter into a partnership with another organisation, for example to undertake research, in which the organisation and its members may have an interest. Information will be sent from AMaGA's offices.

(d) AMaGA does not sell, rent or exchange personal information with any other organisation.

(e) Members can opt out of any communication from AMaGA.

5 Openness

AMaGA maintains this Privacy Policy outlining how information is managed. It is available on the AMaGA website or to anyone who requests it.

6 Access and Correction of Information

Employees and members have the right to access the personal information held by AMaGA at any time and to provide any amendments where necessary.

AMaGA tries to ensure that all information collected, stored, or disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date.

7 Identifiers

AMaGA members are issued with an automatically-generated, unique membership number to identify them within the organisation. No other number (i.e. Australian Government identifier) is used in determining a member’s AMaGA identity.

Employee's are issued with an automatically-generated, unique employee number by the payroll software to identify them within the organisation. No other number (i.e. Tax File Number) is used in determining an employee's AMaGA identity.

8 Anonymity

Where possible, individual members have the right to do business with AMaGA anonymously. It is understood that in order to join AMaGA as a member, personal details are required and will be managed with due care as stated in this Privacy Policy.

9 Transborder data flows

AMaGA has no need to transfer personal data for employees or members outside Australia. Individual’s information will not be transferred to international bodies.

10 Sensitive Information

AMaGA does not collect sensitive information about members.

Any sensitive information collected from emplyees is done so under the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Approved by National Council June 2014, Reviewed for endorsement November 2020.