Performing Arts Heritage Network

Members of the Performing Arts Heritage Network are committed to improving access to Australia's rich performing arts heritage. 

Performing arts events occur at all levels of Australian society – local, state, national – as well as on the international stage. They can be conducted on an amateur basis, or within the framework of an education system, by state subsidized companies, or by commercial companies.

They can be any one of a number of genres or a mixture of several – drama, comedy, opera, musical theatre, chamber music, orchestral music, choral music, rock music, street theatre, puppetry, circus, vaudeville, television, film, video, radio.



PAHN Committee

Chair – Helen Munt
Deputy Chair – Paul Bentley
Treasurer – Mark St Leon
Secretary – Paul Bentley  

General Committee:
Claudia Funder
Helen Trepa 
Helen Sims

Ex-officio member - Liz Larkin, AusStage

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