Museums and Sustainability Policy 2003-2012

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Green Museum Project

The Green Museum Project is a new sustainability initiative developed by Museums Australia (Victoria) and made possible by the generous support of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundationwith additional support from Creative Victoria. Read more about it on the MA (VIC) Website.

Clever Custodians

Clever Custodians is a resource that provides quick tips and other initiatives for improving the energy efficiency of small-to-medium museums and galleries. Prepared by respected industry consultants, Timeline Heritage, Clever Custodians combines factsheets, short films and links to other online resources that aim to assist the sector to reduce its operating expenses and carbon footprint, and to improve its long-term sustainability.

Clever Custodians also serves as an opportunity to engage audiences in a wider conversation about energy efficiency and sustainability practices. Museums and galleries are well placed to educate the public about broader themes of energy efficiency, sustainable living and environmental responsibility.

Clever Custodians is an initiative of Museums & Galleries Queensland developed in partnership with Museums & Galleries of New South Wales, Regional and Public Galleries Association of New South Wales, and Regional Galleries Association of Queensland.

Useful Links

In addition to the resources listed at the bottom of this page, you might like to check out some of these links: