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With no federal government funding, AMaGA relies purely on membership fees and income from PD programming and job advertising to operate and provide services to members and the sector. We are very proud of what we have achieved this year on limited financial resources, and have so many ideas and plans for bigger and better things in 2020. 

In addition to our growing programs and services, AMaGA is also looking towards providing an environmentally sustainable workplace for staff and volunteers, and ultimately working towards becoming a carbon neutral association. 

Donate to AMaGA today and you will be supporting:

  • Operational costs of your association
    • Going green
      • Our magazine is posted to every member twice a year in a plastic wrap, which, while biodegradable, contributes to microplastics in our environment. We are changing to a compostable, vegetable-based packaging from December 2019, but it will raise the cost of distribution.
      • We want to investigate and implement sustainable workplace practices across our offices with the goal of becoming a carbon neutral association.
    • Every bit of support given, whether its time or money, increases our capacity to offer quality services to members
  • Programs
    • Our Indigenous Roadmap has received no government funding for implementation. While we are actively seeking philanthropic support for implementation (including hiring an Indigenous staff member), and our members are keenly implementing the Roadmap in their own institutions, we need financial assistance now to get the Roadmap up and running.
    • Our national webinar pilot program in 2019 was hugely successful and we are doubling it in 2020. In order to offer more targeted, relevant and professional advice, without increasing the costs of registrations, we need help to cover the overhead costs of running each webinar.
  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy is often a thankless job, but making our sector's priorities and challenges known, and calling for increased funding, recognition and support, is one of our most important, and time-consuming, roles. While we make our voice heard, advocacy itself generally does not return an income. 

If you don't want to donate to AMaGA, please consider giving a donation to your local community museum, gallery, or historical society. Like us, our smaller members in particular rely solely on volunteers offering their time, money and expertise to keep our national stories alive.

If you can't afford to donate, you might consider donating your time or voice:

  • AMaGA's branches and networks are always looking for volunteers on their committees, especially people with interest and expertise in communications, social media, event planning, etc.
  • Help your state branch by offering to hold a members event in your museum or gallery.
  • The national office still relies on snail mail for a lot of member communications - drop in to help stuff some envelopes.
  • Bake a cake for your local museum's street stall or convince a friend to become a member of your museum.
  • Shout about how awesome museums and galleries are from the rooftops, your Facebook wall, and tweet using #GivingCulture


Everyone who donates in the week leading up to and including #GivingTuesday will go into a draw to win one of three webinar registrations in 2020


AMaGA is a registered charity with DGR1 status and donations over $2 are tax deductible. 


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