Preventive Conservation

Lets talk Prev Cons! In this webinar, presented by the Art Craft Design Network, we’ll peel back preventive conservation activities to their foundations, introduce some basics of preventing damage to collections and opportunities for enhancing preservation. Together, we’ll discuss the risks posed by the 10 agents of deterioration (water, contaminants/pollutants, pest, dissociation, fire, vandalism/theft, relative humidity, temperature, physical forces, and light), including a handy memory aide. We’ll then highlight some mitigation techniques we can employ to limit their effect. The discussion will be framed in the risk management context to prompt how these risks may be approached in a methodical and practical way.

Jacquie Jordan is currently Manager of Collection Care for the Art Collections team at Parliament house, on temporary transfer from the role of Senior Conservator – Preventive at the Australian War Memorial.

Jacquie started her career in objects conservation and has spent several recent years focused on Preventive Conservation, with a particular interest in advocacy for preventive conservation as part of general risk management. Some focuses have included review of the Memorial’s gallery maintenance program, a review of the circulation and cleaning light systems, along with development of training material to bring together staff from all areas in the museum in taking care of the collection.


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