Past Conference Paper Masterlist

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Past conferences



Launceston: May 2014

We are skipping netball: Newcastle Museum's engagement with teenage audiences    
Julie Baird

A Little Birdy Told Me: delivering social media workshops to grow the discovery of Queensland heritage collections    
Chrissi Theodosiou & Deannah Vieth

Art museums and schools: The Heide Education Projects (and lessons from a fellowship)    
Christine Healey

Bea Maddock and the QVMAG: a rich, regional relationship    
Bridget Sullivan Arkless

Building stories and building Boats: the Dockyard at the Port Arthur Historic Site    
Jane Harrington

Caring for Collections: a workshop for community museums    
Bill Storer

Caught between two cultures? Perceptions of the status of educators in the museum workplace    
Louise Zarmati

Changing Focus: new building, new audience, new programs. How hard can it be?    
Peter Mascini

Citizen Science and Museums: the new frontier    
Jayne Fenton-Keane

Citizen Science: A natural role for Natural History Museums    
Fara Pelarek & Karen Player

Coaxing community: encouraging engagement at Mulan Art Centre    
Jessica Armson

Community connections, collaborations, change    
Rebecca Jones

Creating Connections: video conferencing with the Australian Museum    
Karen Player

Creating the Bilbao Effect: MONA and the social and regeneration through arts tourism cultural coordinates for urban    
Prof Adrian Franklin

Cultural Paradigms, Cultural Pasts: Governance in the 19th to 21st century museums    
Prof Ruth Rentschler

Demolition order or not: Saving the Sail Makers' shed    
Elaine Rabbitt

Difficult history and social justice in Australia    
Amy McKernan

Don’t fear the Punters    
Imelda Dover

Dress without provenance: In, out or on the edge of the museum?    
Petra Mosmann

Enhancing drawing and learning with new technology: NGA iPad pilot project    
Adriane Boag & Michelle Fracaro

Ethnomuseology: sharing knowledge, protecting living heritage and creating new museum models in diverse cultural settings    
Dr Moira Simpson

Examining convict costume: specialist volunteers and museum research    
Jon Addison & Deborah Wise

Film partnerships in a world of cultural and commercial change  
Jennifer Coombes & Gayle Lake

Five decades of innovation: The visual and performing arts at Sovereign Hill    
Susan Pilbeam

From frocks to snow globes: Community engagement at the Queensland Museum    
Tracy Ryan

From toxic trash to deadly treasure, Ghost Net Art and the Australian Museum    
Dr Scott Mitchell

Gamifying the museum: how education games can be used for good not evil    
Lynda Kelly & Kevin Sumption

Getting Digital Done: effectively connecting museums and communities    
Lynda Kelly & Michael Parry

Getting it out there: a regional museum on the move    
Robert Mitchell

Getting off your high horse: what museums can learn from the entertainment industry    
Ben Hamley

Getting the Big Picture    
Michael Rolfe

Good art really matters: Christchurch Art Gallery's life beyond a building    
Jenny Harper

How can Museums become Queer Allies?    
Vu Tuan Nguyen

How to buy a bull: Fundraising for a sculpture    
Jenny Harper

How to curate a current conflict: lessons from the front line    
Rebecca Britt

"I come for emotional reasons.  Coming for Education makes no sense: creative uses of museums"    
Prof Laurajane Smith

Imagining Cyclespaces: creating a cultural imaginary    
Prof Angelina Russo, Dr Stephen Fleming & Gilbert Grace

Keeping the dots joined: engaging volunteers in today's museum world    
Stewart Reed

Linking Chinese-Australian communities through early Cantonese-English phrasebooks    
Dr Sophie Couchman

Linking curriculum with museum experiences: Creating learning communities between art galleries and the curriculum    
Kathryn Hendy-Ekers

Lost in Translation: digital tools to delivery visitor information in different languages    
Francesca Ford

Mainstreaming the fringes: Slow Art at the National Museum of Australia    
Jilda Andrews & Catherine Styles

Making memories & collecting memories: a tale of two Tasmanians    
Carol Cooper & Julie Gough

Mapping the AIATSIS Audio Collection: initiatives in Proactive collecting    
Celena Hobbins

Memories from a Forgotten People: Collaborating through content    
Imelda Miller, Olivia Robinson & Ruth McDougall

Mobile Heritage Tours: the good, the bad and the impossible    
Sindy Dowden

MONA - the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart - counterpoint to certainty    
Jane Clark

Museum on the Margins: University exhibitions from prisons, hospitals and marginalised homeless communities    
A/Prof Lindsay Farrell

New cultural paradigms for new climate paradigms: engaging with Climate Change in Australia    
Dr Onaclov & Josh Wodak

Non-Indigenous performers telling Aboriginal stories    
Jo Henwood

On the road with Arts Tasmania's Roving Curators    
Veronica Macno & Melissa Smith

Panel discussion – recontextualising national collections    
Michael Loebenstein & Mathew Trinca

Pop-Up Museum: Experimentation, collaboration and trust beyond the museum walls    
Megan Sheehy

Port Arthur “a fine capacious harbour”– where Tourism and Conservation meet to showcase World Heritage    
Anne McVilly

Practical application of technology in reconciling Museums roles as keeper and sharer of material culture    
Jeff Sharp

Redefining ‘product’ in the cultural context    
Dr Kim Lehman

Re-imagining the past: exploring museum collections through contemporary art    
Damien Quilliam

Relocating Ideas: re-imaging permanent collection for community    
Dunja Rmandic

Reminiscence—Important to me: object documentation and exhibition project in an aged care centre    
Pip Mcnaught

Roll up! Roll up! The marvellous Corrick Entertainers come alive again in the 21st Century    
Meg Labrum

Schools need museums more than ever: new opportunities created by the National Curriculum    
Peter Hoban & Maryanne Littlejohn

Shaking the money tree: pathways to funding    
Georgia Rouette

Taking the next step with web 2.0    
Emma Williams

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Redevelopment    
Steven de Haan

"Tell me what you want, what  you really, really want: answering to new audiences expectations"    
Alexandra Kidd & Luke Cummins

The brave new world of digital labels    
Dr Robert Nichols

The curatorial turn: drawing the periphery into the museum    
Tanya Robinson

The diamond hailstorm: Perils of exhibition project management    
Dr Guy Hansen

The Indigenous Grapevine™: Engaging with Indigenous communities of interest through the Museum Indigenous Network (MINmin)    
Lorna Schmider-Woodcock

The museum in its landscape: Interpreting the shared history of Indigenous dispossession and the frontier wars    
Meredith Walker

The museum way of seeing architectural design in houses, today and in the future    
Dr Linda Young

The National Archives of Australia's Forced Adoptions Project - the social archive and stakeholder case study  
Kathleen Anderson

The Pella Project: creating a virtual exhibition space for the Museum of Antiquities    
Michael Schmitz

The Skullbone Experiment: a paradigm of art and nature    
Jane Hutchinson

The Wireless Hill Project: a deaccessioning journey    
Gina Capes

Through a lens darkly: Investigating the George Aspinall Prisoner of War Negatives    
Victoria Gwyn

TMAG "Theatre of the world"    
Jane Stewart, a collaboration with MONA

Upstairs and Downstairs in Australian Universities: repositioning material collections in Higher Education    
Dr Andrew Simpson

Wending the way between competing collaborators    
Kym Matthews

What benefits me, benefits us: a plan for museum mentorships and structure volunteer placements    
Laura Miles

What's the fuss over the buzz: engaging relevant and magnetic museums     
Georgia Rouette

World War 1, Digital Stories    
Janis Hanley

Keynote address    Saul Eslake
Keynote address    Elizabeth Ann MacGregor OBE
Keynote address    Rose Hiscock
Keynote address    Tim Calnin
Keynote address    Michela Ledwidge
Keynote address    Tony Sweeney
Keynote address    Alec Coles OBE
Keynote address    Jirra Lulla Harvey
Keynote address    Dr Julianne Schultz AM
Keynote address    Tony Grybowski
Keynote address    Prof Libby Robin
Keynote address    Prof Andrea Witcomb
Keynote address    Chris Tassell


Canberra ACT: May 2013

Robyn Archer AO, Creative Director, Centenary of Canberra and Public Advocate of the Arts    
Celebrating the past – but never at the expense of the present and the future    

Dr Tom Calma AO, Social justice campaigner and national finalist for Australian of the year 2013    
Viewing the museums kaleidoscope through the eyes of Indigenous Australia    

Dr Michael Brand, Director, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney  
A global museum career    

Michael Lynch CBE AM, Chief Executive, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Hong Kong    
Energy and innovation in Asian culture: the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong    

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Scientist, CSIRO Futures, Brisbane    
Shaping the future    

Lyn Allan    
Protection of Cultural Objects on Loan Bill - brief overview and implication for the museum sector     

Claire Baddeley    
Changing organisations and a changing focus?: The role of the curator in Australian museums    

Emrah Baki Ulas    
Rethinking Exhibition Lighting: Lighting That Supports Preventive Conservation and Visual Richness in Exhibition Environments      

Lyn Beasley    
A walk together - engaging remote and Indigenous communities in their space      

Julian Bickersteth    
A sustainable future? - the vexed question of environmental conditions in museums      

Jules Boag    
Price of Life: A cultural celebration engaging a new regional audience      

Adriane Boag    
National Gallery of Australia's Art and Alzheimer's Program     

Suzanne Bravery    
Sidelights and cross-references: collecting 75 years of an Australian story      

Paula Bray    
Digital + community: what works?     

Laura Breen    
The Royal Daimler Project: Evaluating the National Museum of Australia's first collections-centred fundraising program     

Sarah Bunn    
Conservation and collaboration: a case study of Aboriginal paintings from the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition     

Caroline Butler-Bowdon    
Museum Studies or an MBA? Skills for museums in the age of creative industries      

Susan Cairns    
Imagining our future     

Cindy Chambers    
Workshop with tips and tricks for developing exhibits and volunteer programs      

Eileen Chanin    
Mary Cecil Allen: A case study of untold museum histories     

Mike Chaplin  
International Museum Showcase Design Trends     

Anne Chapple    
Using Schools to Make History     

Anne Chapple    
Commemorating the Perth Entertainment Centre     

Karen Charman    
Engaging and making meaning in museums     

Kate Clark    
Public value and the business of museums     

Pauline Cockrill    
How can small museums manage 'scanfests' to engage with local communities in meaningful ways?     

Bronwyn Coupe    
The Australian Mediatheque: Straight to the Pool Room     

Kate Cowie    
What do I do next? Building a Career in the Museum Sector - a career development workshop for museum professionals     

Kirsten Davies    
A whole community imagining their museum of the future     

Margaret Deery    
Managing Older Volunteers and 'Converting' the non-volunteers to volunteers      

Leanne Dempsey    
Supplying 'Museum Crack': what to do when your audience is addicted to your product     

Louise Denoon    
Transforming Tindale: an artist, curator and cultural institution respond to this extraordinary anthropological photographic collection      

Ben Ennis Butler    
Escaping search: Generous interfaces for cultural collections     

Jayne Fenton Keane    
Discovery Centres: rethinking science engagement in museums     

Anne Fitzgerald    
Getting a Grip on Creative Commons: what CC licences are and how to work with them      

Francesca Ford    
Video extras: Behind-the-scenes of 'Francis Bacon: five decades'     

Patrick Greene    
The Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 - the role of museums      

Gina Hammond    
Bridging the gap: museums, scholarly development, collaborative relationships, applied history and Universities     

Janis Hanley  
Education Bus Tour: Connecting schools and local museums     

Jenny Harper    
Christchurch Art Gallery to Emergency Operations Centre to Gallery without Walls: our response to the Canterbury earthquakes    

Jacqueline Healy    
Gateway to the future: museums on the move     

Jacqui Hemsley    
Keeping It Real: Benefits of creating your own accessible regional cultural conference      

Mirna Heruc    
University Collections - a long way from a Museum     

Thomas Hewitt    
The long-term impact of design on the visitor experience     

Janson Hews    
Stop, collaborate and listen: The importance of the student voice within Museums     

Rose Hiscock    
Visions of Australia program at the Australia Council for the Arts     

Alison Inglis    
Heidelberg School revisited: telling Australia's history through art exhibitions      

Virginia James    
Trove: Let us work with you to tell your story     

Nicole Kearney    
Taking nature to the nation: Australia's museums working together to make field guides 'mobile'     

Isobel Kindley    
Volunteering in a large cultural institution: it's not just envelope stuffing      

Justine Lawler    
Development of the Burlganyja Wanggaya, Old People Talking Project     

Jennifer Lloyd    
Switching off: trialling sustainable collection storage at the National Library      

Nanette Louchart-Fletcher    
Democracy and Disability - an authentic interface to create lasting change     

Grant Lovelock    
Creative Australia - how the Government and Museums can work together to deliver strategic investments     

Rowena MacDonald    
'Stori blo iumi': the redevelopment of the Solomon Islands National Museum      

Colin Macgregor    
Invest Wisely: building a secure future for your collections 

Bernard Makoare     
Building He Korahi Maori, a Maori dimension at Tamaki Paenga Hira for Auckland's Future Museum     

Martie McConnell    
Dealing with Disaster - When all Your Plans Literally Go Under     

Maryanne McCubbin    
The State of Things: A reflection on the business of caring for collections      

Christopher McDermott    
Measuring quality of collection storage     

Daniel McDiarmid    
Raising Private Support for Public Collections: Audit your institution to improve your fundraising results     

Megan McSweeney    
Paying for the price of culture     

Joanna Mendelssohn    
Golden Summers, and a golden age of Australian art exhibitions?    

Caolán Mitchell    
Designing Responsive Interpretive Environments     

Jan Molloy    
Making History: research, create, share     

Margo Neale    
'Jump up blackfellas': Songlining Museums and Singing Collections     

Robert Nichols    
Who own the text? Defining the editor's role in museum exhibitions     

Tara Nichols    
Tweeting in the Archives: using social media to promote an archival collection      

Dion Peita    
Heritage, connection and identity: Enhancing cultural knowledge amongst marginalised Pacific youth in South-West Sydney      

Karen Player    
Museum2you: Reaching out to communities across NSW     

Cherie Prosser    
Colin Colahan, Official War Artist: Re-defining Australian nationhood through portraiture     

Karen Quinlan    
Planning for success and maximising the potential of Bendigo Art Gallery: Exhibitions, Education, and Public Programs     

Stewart Reed    
Working together:  having your board understand and support you     

Mark Richardson    
Using living collections to engage people     

Eric Riddler    
Albie Thoms and the Sydney imagination     

Tiina Roppola    
Designing for the Museum Visitor Experience     

Catherine Salmaggi    
Finite Resources...Infinite Possibilities     

Ana Sanchez Laws    
Museum Peer Productions: Augmenting the NMA Garden of Australian Dreams      

Karen Schamberger    
Collecting diversity: the changing relationships between museums and culturally diverse communities     

Marcus Schutenko    
Travelling Museum: Taking the Chinese Museum into Schools     

Lee Scott    
Does my volunteer run museum need a Workplace Health and Safety system?      

Helen Sheedy  
 Igniting collaboration: working together in the aftermath of a disaster (fire at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village)    

Rosemary Simons    
My Family in Bundjalung Country - Stories from the Northern Rivers Region of NSW      

Andrew Simpson    
Imaginings and transformations: Australian University museums in the Asian Century      

Brendan Smith    
The art of sound: regional galleries and the National Film and Sound Archive in collaboration     

Catherine Speck    
How three key mid-twentieth century Aboriginal art exhibitions tell a new story      

Michelle Stevenson    
New Futures: stories from frontline emerging practitioners - practice, issues and change     

Toner Stevenson    
Dames in the domes: revealing the genderisation of Australia's astronomical heritage      

Toner Stevenson    
Yes we can! Astronomy experienced anywhere, anytime by anyone      

Bill Storer    
Who is your audience and who is not?      

Lucy Sutherland  
Taking a national approach to collections management - Australian Seed Bank Partnership     

Ian Terry    
Parrawa, parrawa! Go Away! A new multi-voiced exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery     

Phillipa Tocker    
Museum staff churn - making butter or whipping cream?     

Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen    
Unlocking 'creativity':  challenges in implementing art teacher education in museums and art galleries     

Edward Washington    
Coo-ee, Won't you come? What will ANZAC mean to school students beyond 2015?      

Caroline Webber    
Augmented Reality in the Archives: exploring the effectiveness of augmented reality as an interpretative tool      

Peter White    
Previous possessions 20 years on.  How far have we come and where do we need to go?      

Peter Wilkins    
Devising and performing Museum Theatre for the Come Alive schools Festival of Museum Theatre     

Nathan Williams    
Generational Transition... ensuring local museums do not become history      

Clare Williamson    
Love and Devotion: how collaborations enabled Australia's first major exhibition of Persian manuscripts    No paper for (C) reasons 

Rachael Wilsher-Saa    
Only A Fraction Of The Answer: Approaches for working with communities when resources are limited      

Alison Wishart    
An ounce of history and a pinch of nutrition: doing collaborative research.     

Tanya Wolkenberg    
The History in Place project - linking students with their local community museums using digital technologies     

Liam Wyatt    
Everything you wanted to know about Wikipedia but were too afraid to ask!      

Alex Young    
A brave new world     

Gavin Young    
Fossil collections at the Australian national University - scientific heritage under threat in the national capital     

Theodora Zourkas  
 Managing change transition within a volunteer run cultural organisation 


Adelaide SA: September 2012

Jon Addison  
Material culture research and the role of museums    

Rob Amery and Dr Alitya Wallara Rigney    
Lost connections regained

Dr Kate Armstrong and Jean Magdulski    
Serious fun: evaluating learning in a political cartooning workshop at the Museum of Australian Democracy    

Sue Atkinson    
Collections around Tasmania     

Jill Austin    
Museums and communities of difference: curating at the intersections of public history and private lives     

Catherine Belcher    
Recollecting Sydney II: A Call to Mind    

Hannah Bishop    
Smart technology: revolutionising museum and arts access    

Adriane Boag    
Draw together—intergenerational drawing program at the National Gallery of Australia    

David Bock and Julie Garradd    
Jurassic Lounge @ The Australian Museum. Attracting new audiences with evening events    

Jonny Brownbill    
Museums and mobile—how are we travelling?    

Roy Clare CBE    
Towards 2020: What do we have and who are we for?    

Joanna Clyne, Barry Kay, Michael Mills and Nigel Sutton    
Lighting the lights: developing museum theatre for your institution    

Pauline Cockrill and Alexis Tindall    
Digitisation—a simple introduction and overview    

Joe Coleman    
Biodiversity Heritage Library: creating a scientific library online through global collaboration (Snapshot)    

Joe Coleman    
Open, free, shared—publishing collections data in a connected world    

Lorinda Cramer    
With a needle and thread: researching domestic needlework in mid-nineteenth century Victoria    

Janice Croggon    
Telling the stories of Empire at Sovereign Hill: The Great Mutiny, India, 1857    

Jo Croucher    
Creating connections with creative collections: Design and Art Australia Online    

Rhonda Davis and Sara Symth    
Reconnecting: the Art and Dementia Program at Macquarie University Art Gallery     

Cathleen Day    
The future of community museums in Western Australia—a question of survival or extinction?    

Angela de Martino Rosaroll    
Provenance and art historical examination of a painting in the Clarence River Historical Society collection    

Sindy Dowden    
History in your pocket: a mobile application (Snapshot)    

Nicolaas Earnshaw    
Visitor engagement and mobile products at the Powerhouse Museum (Snapshot)     

Jenny Fewster    
AusStage and performing arts collections: preserving the ephemeral. Living archives for a connected world    

Padraic Lee Fisher    
Toy or treasure: engaging children and building authentic connections with objects through your handling collection    

Di Fisher    
Embroidered textiles—their value and relevance for research and inspiration (Snapshot)    

Lisa Fletcher    
On yer bike—taking collections to the streets    

Stephen Forbes    
Botanic gardens and the narrative of harvest—how botanic gardens change the world    

Regan Forrest    
Design factors in the museum visitor experience (Snapshot)    

Regan Forrest and  Katherine Sutcliffe  
Interpretation 101: making your collections meaningful    

Justin Gare    
No. 15 Victoria Street, Hahndorf: the  research and conservation reveals a story of cultural assimilation and pioneering struggles    

Dr Heather Gaunt    
Connections across the curricula: engaging students at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of  Melbourne    

Dr Alice Gorman    
The outback in outer space: the artefacts of an Australian story    

Dr Anthea Gunn    
Courtroom drawings    

Gina Hammond    
Disseminating museum research in 140 characters or less    

Dr Elizabeth Hartnell    
Hands on Gorgeous Gardens: an interactive exhibition at Unley Museum, SA    

Dr Jacqueline Healy    
Highlights of the collection, Medical History Museum—connecting with its community    

Jo Henwood    
Gifted children, problem solving and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney    

Jo Henwood    
Scandalous Whispers: museum theatre at Elizabeth Farm (Snapshot)    

Mirna Heruc    
Unlocking university collections-maximising potential    

Dr Catherine Hughes, Nigel Sutton, Michael Mills and members of the Australian Classical Youth Ballet    
Backstage Pass: make emotional connections to your collections with museum theatre    

Michael Huxley    
NSW public gallery audiences: who are they?    

Jessica James    
Quantitative analysis of renaissance pigments by portable x-ray fluorescence (Snapshot)    

Dr Andrew Jamieson    
Object-based learning, curriculum engagement and the University of Melbourne’s Classics and Archaeology Collection    

Leonard Janiszewski    
The world is your oyster: exhibiting an interconnected, globalised, transnational, transcultural world    

Chris Nobbs    
The Outreach Education team: connecting to collections to provoke thinking    

Sally May    
Digitisation of a migrant Welcome Wall collection    

Annie Q Medley    
Capturing memory and meaning in a connected and changing mercy world. (Snapshot)    

Carolyn Meehan    
You show me yours and I’ll show you mine—a standardised set of visitor profile questions (Snapshot)    

Carolyn Meehan    
How to develop and implement an evaluation and visitor research plan    

Assoc Prof Joanna Mendelsson    
By the skin of their teeth: changes in governance and the AGNSW in the 1970s    

Isa Menzies    Inside Out: issues and insights from the Fremantle Prison art collection    

Dr Carol Oliver    
Pathways to Space: bringing research and education together in a museum environment    

Dr Jan Packer    
Understanding and capturing the visitor experience (Snapshot)    

Dr Jan Packer    
Exploring the role of Anzac-focused museum experiences in developing a sense of national identity    

Elizabeth Pascale    
Hub Heads: nontraditional art in a non-traditional space, engaging in new ways to connect (Snapshot)    

Darren Peacock    
Building the broadband museum: strategies and opportunities in a highspeed hyper-connected world    

Amanda Poland and Dr Deborah Tranter    
A portrait of a partnership (Snapshot)    

Melinda Rankin    
Keeping it real    

Tiffany Reeves    
Characterisation of binders in Aboriginal and European painted works using pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry (Snapshot)    

Nicholas Reynolds and Anna Crane    
Creating a modern digital display in a regional community museum    

Allison Russell and Mandi Dimitriadis    
Making the link: using the Australian Curriculum: History to connect schools and museums    

Allison Russell    
Museum objects to the rescue: researching touch and wellbeing in a hospital environment    

Gillian Savage    
Template for program evaluation (Snapshot)    

Holly Schulte    
Out of the frame: the research and collection opportunities, and challenges, of managing the Justice and Police Museum forensic photography archive    

Dr Andrew Simpson    
Recent collection trends in the Australian higher education sector    

Lisa Slade    
Finding a future for the past: contemporary art and colonial archive    

Dr Charlotte Smith and Dr Keryn Walshe    
Institutional archaeology collections: establishing databases, establishing research, promoting significance     

Michelle Smith    
Connecting in a hurry! The Defence of Darwin Experience     

Rhiannon Stephens    
The Biodiversity Volunteer Portal: using crowdsourcing to digitise museum collections    

Dr Dennis Stevenson    
Research and Collections: Past, Present and Future    

Bronwyn Sugars    
The Outreach Education team: connecting to collections to provoke thinking    

Michele Summerton    
Consuming ideals: the material culture of Victoria’s middle-class households 1851–1870    

Katherine Sutcliffe    
Boys and girls come out to play:  engaging children with cultural heritage    

Dr Melanie Swalwell    
Remembering local software: the Australasian Heritage Software Database project    

Kim Thompson  
Assessing the impact of Community Heritage Grants in regional NSW    

Alexis Tindall    
Strategic Digitisation: Priorities, Projects and Positivity     

Dr Steven Tonkin    
Creatively connecting the visual arts and performing arts at Arts Centre Melbourne     

Dr Keryn Walshe    
A micro and macro view of archaeology collections    

Megan Wells    
Collection-based research in museums: understanding, structure, visibility    

Glenn Wightman, John Wolseley, Stephen Forbes, Nici Cumpston, and Tony Kanellos    
Sharing knowledge— the role of art and science in connecting with Aboriginal biocultural knowledge


Perth WA: October 2011

Tony Amato    
Charting New Territory: Interpreting our cemeteries    
L. Collard and Grant Revell    
Wadjemup wangkiny koora, yeye and mila boorda (Wedjemup talking from the past, today and the future): An ex-modern way of thinking landscape into Country?       

Denise Cook    
Was there a Noongar camp in your suburb?         

Jo Darbyshire    
The Coolbaroo Club: Perth’s Prohibited Area and the people that changed all that         

Moana Davey    
Pouwhenua: Partnership Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors          

Carmel Desmarchelier    
The National Curriculum: Ethical Challenges          

B. Dunstone, H. Grehan, Jonathan Bollen and Jenny Fewster    
Crossing Frontiers: The interface between contemporary e-cartography and late C19th live entertainment on the WA Goldfields

John Ford
Daylighting in Galleries and Museums in Australia         

Viv Golding    
Developing Creative Connections at the Museum Frontiers         

Peter Grant    
The future in our hands         

Jacqueline Healy    
High tea: Artists’ reinterpreting heritage collections         

Jacqueline Henrisson    
One Click From Here – Developing better online exhibitions for social networkers         

Lyn Hicks    
On the shoulders of giants: Exploring the potential and possibilities of natural history museums into the 21st century 

Chris Hosking    
Life Support: A guide to keeping museum exhibits alive         

Diana Jones    
Boom, Bonus, Biodiversity – Opportunity Knocks!         

K. Kovacic and M. Scott    
Alexander Ewart Copland and his legacy to Australian Collections         

Lotte Lent    
Interpretation and the Possibilities for Public Value 

Ian MacLeod    
Spiritual Dimensions in Materials Conservation         

Jude McBean    
The Future is Regional         

Susan McDougall and Sam Willis  
Internships/Volunteerism - Consolidating learning or free labour?         

Darryl McIntyre    
Welcome Address (MA President)         

Darryl McIntyre    
Museum Metadata Exchange Project         

Darryl McIntyre    
Museums and engagement with culturally diverse communities and refugees          

Joanna Mendelssohn and Catherine Speck    
New Frontiers for Publishing Research: Exhibition catalogues and the 21st century         

Masaaki Morishita    
Making sense of the Tsunami and its impacts on heritage and culture         

Leigh O’Brien    
The Ethics of Construction: Reflexivity in developing heritage interpretation content         

Sandy O’Sullivan    
Locating Voice and Identity: Understanding ‘successful’ spaces of Indigenous representation in national museum spaces

Michael Parry    
I’m Not There: Museums working in the mobile space         

Darren Peacock and K. Kokegei    
Past Meets Present: Digital reenactment in ‘Bound for South Australia 1836’         

Meredith Blake, Dion Peita and Eric Heller    
New Directions for Museums: The Australian Museum’s cultural intervention program with diasporic Pacific Islander young offenders in NSW

Graeme Potter    
Disasters: Preparedness, plans and reality. Lessons learned from Queensland's summer of sorrows         

Toni Roberts    
Nature Out of Context: Questions for interpretation designers in the changing zoo environment         

Sarah Scott and Juliet Flook    
Narryna House Museums: A case study of working with art collections
in Australian Heritage Houses         

Brian Shepherd    
Training review and needs analysis for the collections sector. A Western Australian perspective         

Andrew Simpson    
What does the sector want from museum studies programs?         

Michelle Stevenson    
Online Collections: The Virtual Venue?         

Toner Stevenson    
The State of the Heavens: Past, present and future sites of astronomical significance         

B. Stinson    
From memory to meaning: the Birdwood Military Museum         

Sarah Stockwin    
The Australian Curriculum, the Final Frontier! Time to boldly go where no Interpreter or Educator has gone before

Malcolm Traill    
Curatorial! Is that a real word?         

A. Paterson, C.Souter and Wendy van Duivenvoorde    
The Eastern Front – Museums and Archaeology in Western Australia on the Indian Ocean         

John Watson    
Community Museums & Collecting Organisations - “Knowing where we are, so we know which way to go!”         

Betty Weiler, Jennifer Allan and Liam Smith    
Fostering pro-environmental behaviour of visitors to Perth Zoo: Saving wildlife habitat one toilet-roll at a time 

J.Wills and S.Gibson    
Where are you from... and why are you here? Making space for museum work in Far North Queensland         

Kylie Winkworth and Alison Russell    
Sustaining Museums and  Collections at the Frontiers of Cultural Policy         

Andrea Witcomb    
Using immersive and interactive approaches to interpreting traumatic experiences         

Louise Zarmati  
Using Archaeology to Teach Historical Thinking at The Big Dig    



Melbourne Vic: September 2010

Jessica Allen & Deanne Montesin    
Tracking your collection in a digital age: RFID technology        

Kim Allen
The international loan of cultural property        

David Arnold
A new Australian curriculum: challenges and opportunities for museums

David Arnold
Engaging Rural and Remote Primary Schools through the Snapshots Project        

Penelope Bartlau & Maria McGann    
Reinventing community heritage for a contemporary audience         

Prof Warren Bebbington    
Cinderella awaits her wedding: managing university collections

Stacie Bobele
A collection, a print, an intern 

Amanda Burritt & Andrew Jamieson    
Antiquities in a Contemporary Context

Elizabeth Cole
Learnings from selling tickets online         

Clare-Frances Craig 
National Standards panel discussion session         

Jan Croggon & Margaret Fullwood
Whose story is it, anyway?         

Lisa Dale-Hallet, Bec Carland & Peg Fraser
Making Meaning from ashes: reflections on the role of museums following Black Saturday          

Rhonda Davis & Leonard Janiszewski
Integrated vision: a new direction for Macquarie University Art Gallery & Collection        

Prof Kate Darian-Smith & Jean McAudan
New technologies, new interpretations: the visitor experience at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne         

Aimee Deaves
Backyards to centre court: a museum’s search for funding        

Paula Dredge
Collections of paint colour charts, paint tins and paintings as a source for developing an understanding of paint making history

Christine Elias    
Discovering Egypt: Egyptian antiquities at the University of Melbourne          

Diane Fitzpatrick    
A management plan for Near Eastern artefact collection         

Priscilla Gaff & Carolyn Meehan    
Deciphering children’s learning in a dinosaur exhibition         

Dr J Patrick Greene    
Old wine and new bottles: presenting natural history collections in the 21st century        

Bridget Guthrie  
The Bonegilla story         

Carole Hammond    
The Eco Museum; reimagining exhibition production         

Eureka Henrich    
Suitcases and stories: objects of migration in museum exhibition         

Prof Stephen Heppell    
Learning & Technology         

Lyn Hicks    
New ways of contextualising volunteering in the museums sector         

Jenny Horder    
Overcoming barriers left, right and centre         

Christine Horn    
Memories of Sarawak         

Dr Alison Inglis    
Art collections and art curators: the professionalisation of the art curator in Australia         

Chris Keeler    
Here is My Country: Aboriginal Art of South-eastern Australia: a collection-based resource for the Aboriginal community         

Jane King    
Way out west: mining our collections         

Alison Leeson    
Vital Connections: increasing interest in museums among university students        

Helen McHugh & Deb Sulway    
Look, think, respond: simple RFID technology helping students engage with collections        

Dr Christopher Marshall  
‘Monumental’ sculpture and institutional identity at the National Gallery of Victoria: from here to eternity/from eternity to here         

Nicholas Martland    
Hidden leaves: Australian botanical, taxonomic and economic botany resources in the British Library         

[Janie] EA Mason    
It could only happen in Darwin: collecting in the north         

Ingrid Mason    
Tracing history and contemporary patternmaking         

Georgia Melville    
Victorian Collections: digital preservation and community participation         

Dr Paul Meszaros, Lyn Hicks & Dr Andrew Simpson    
The renewed science: bridging the gap between museum scientists, museum practitioners and volunteers        

David Milne    
Sharing cultural collections through Wikimedia         

Dr Petronella Nel, Holly Jones-Amin, Dr Andrew Jamieson & Associate Professor Robyn Sloggett    
New education and research roles for a university Cypriot pottery collection         

Chris Nobbs    
How do you use a 19th century taxonomic display of Pacific Islander artefacts to engage students in learning about our Pacific neighbours?  

Joanne Orr    
Museums and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Scotland         

Fara Pelarek    
Behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes tour at the Australian Museum         

Dr Sharon Peoples, Dr Elizabeth Beckman & Dr Kylie Message    
Internships: students and collections        

Stewart Reed    
Changing of the Guard: The evolving relationship between the director and trustees at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in the 1940s and 1950s         

Philippa Rogers    
A new beginning - why we need national guidelines for museum buildings         

Karen Schamberger    
Resistance, advocacy and education: collecting and exhibiting race         

Marcelle Scott, Charlotte Walker & Caroline Fry    
The challenge of climate change and the increasing risk of bushfire for the protection of cultural heritage         

Graham Shirley    
The archive as intermediary between past and future        

Rosemary Simons    
Designing the Dreamtime         

Morwenna Pearce & Dr Andrew Simpson    
A survey of the current status of university natural history museums and collections in Australia         

Margaret Simpson    
The farm machinery project         

Susanna LK Siu    
New roles of collections in Hong Kong’s museums         

Kate Spinks    
A forgotten history of the Kelly Gang: stories from Victoria Police        

Kate Stone    
Lessons from a collaboration for online representation of collections         

Stephen Thompson    
Objects through time: creating and interpreting an online virtual collection        

Melanie van Olffen    
The virtual Museum of the Pacific: the process of developing a platform for sharing stories and caring for collections         

Prof Morris Vogel    
America’s enduring conversation about national identity: the shifting view from New York’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum         

Dr Jana Vytrhlik    
Reviewing a research policy         

Vicki Warden    
Collecting Queensland Festivals         

Lyndel Wischer    
New roles for collections held by Australian local governments      


Canberra ACT: 17 - 20 May 2007

Plenary Speakers
"You keep it - We are Christians here". Repatriation of the secret-sacred where Indigenous worldviews have changed
Kim Akerman

The View from the West
Alan Dodge

Future and Ethics of Zoos  
David Hancocks

Creating the Gallery of Australian Democracy
Kate Cowie

Faith Bandler and the 1967 Referendum
Marilyn Lake

Exhibition Challenges
Jackie Menzies

Breaking Ground: evolving Australian socio/political values on the Victorian goldfields
Tim Sullivan

Opening the Common Gates
Carol Wei and Sarah Yu

The Great History Debate: What, How and for Whom
Mary-Louise Williams

Access granted - putting Indigenous collections online
Lindy Allen & Katie Hayne

Museums and Climate Change - Bringing the big messages home through institutional collaboration
Andy Baird

Museum Partnerships : Dili - Darwin Return
Joanna Barrkman

The museum, democracy and domesticity: who's in whose web?
Jennifer Barrett and John Petersen

The National Museum of Australia and Learning Bibliography
Helena Bezzina

Museums in a Changing Climate : adapting to an icreasingly regulated corporate climate
Dimitra Birthisel

The evolving agenda for collections in Australia
Margaret Birtley

Museums: A place for Children
Jennifer Blunden

Plain or just plain dull? Collaterall damage from the Plain English movement
Jennifer Blunden

Making museums better? Analysing proposed remedies
Barrie Brennan

Offering visitors choice at the Front-of-House
Carol Cartwright

Podcasting with The Museum Detective
Joanna Cobley

Making Great Experiences - Multimedia and Museum Victoria       
Joe Coleman

ICOM Australia Panel
Susan Cochrane

Human Remains in Museum Collections: Ethical Issues
Peter Connell

Museum - between the pedagogical and the performative
Uros Cvoro

Embracing Democracy
Zoe D'Arcy

Heteretopia! The Challenge for Museums of the Twenty-First Century
Christine Dauber

Constructing discursive space in the contemporary art museum
Jane Deeth

Put me in the picture: ethics and access in tough times...
Mickey Dewar

Hierarchy of Knowledge : where should museums pitch themselves?
Genevieve Fahey

Connecting an archival collection with classroom inquiry
Margaret Fleming and Michelle Fracaro

World Federation of Friends of Museums Assembly and Council Meeting : Singapore 26th-29th April 2007
Carolyn Forster

The Play's the thing....
Mary Lou Gardam

Curating and Academic Institutions: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
Anna Gardner and Mirna Heruc

Setting up a Collection Storage Facility
Greer Gehrt

Emblems of Belonging : An inter-disciplinary exploration
Dr Barbie Greenshields

Working together: communities and museums
Lola Greeno, Dr Julie Gough and Amanda Reynolds

Challenges and Achievements in the Asia/Pacific Region
Lisa Harvey

Creating a Heritage Icon : The saving of Bundaroo Homestead
Jacqueline Healy

Designers, Authors or Decorators
Tom Hewitt

Museum of Victoria - Family of Brands
Rose Hiscock

Public galleries of Victoria working together to welcome new audiences to their local gallery
Helen Kaptein and Lyn Johnson

Tourism and Museums
Paul Kauffman

"Learning History from the Horse's Mouth"
Megg Kelham

Changing Perceptions of Democracy on the Goldfields
Anna Kyi

Displaying regional river collections downstream, upstream and far from home!
Michelle Linder

Those Voluntary Guides: Their Training and Management
Margaret Love

How to look after 16.6 million items
Maryanne McCubbin

Dead Man Walking: Interpretation, Ethics and Affect in Exhibitions of Plastinated Human Remains
Dr Kit Messham-Muir

General Principles of Design
Caolán Mitchell

Connecting research, collections and public participation
Liz Murphy

Escape! Fremantle to Freedom - an exhibition on the greatest prison break in Australian History
Sandra Murray

Sustaining University collections in a changing climate : the University of Melbourne
Belinda Nemec

Fame, Fortune and the Fifth Continent
Gael Newton

The Bay Discovery Centre: Which type of bird is it?......
Marianne Norman

Student soujourners : Museums and the transnational experience of the international students
Daniel Oakman

The Global Museum - Venice, Bilbao, Berlin, Las Vegas and....
Susan Ostling

Culture Victoria - Collaboration Or : Some things we learnt.
Michael Parry

Beyond the Porcelain Doll: Museum engagement with the history of children
Carla Pascoe

"Green Galleries"
Joe Pascoe

The Blind Man and the Elephant : A Multi-Method Approach to Website Evaluation
Alexa Reynolds

The Australian Prime Ministers Centre, Stage One
Michael Richards

Viewing the Viewers : An Ethnographic Study of Contemporary Visual Art Audiences
Janine Sager

National Standards for Australian Museums
Erica Sanders

After the show: Making sense after the event
Gillian Savage

Museums of the Never Never
Rosemary Simons

Memory, democracy and the 1967 Referendum
Sue Taffe and Tikka Wilson

Objects through Time
Stephen Thompson

Technology and Public Programs : how much collaboration can add value
Hayley Townsend

ABC Collector Cam - breeding new cabinets of curiosities or creating collection fever?
Cinnamon Van Reyk

Participatory Design and Co-creativity in Cultural Institutions
Jerry Watkins

Practical approaches to exhibition text
Thérèse Weber

You don't need a degree to set up a museum to museum standards.....
Sue Atkinson

Regional Hubs and other strategies
Margaret Birtley

Planning for Exhibitions
Rebecca Coronel


Brisbane QLD: 14 - 17 May 2006

Cultural Connections - The Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art
Lindsay Clare

Museum of Liverpool - Vision into Reality
Tim Evans

Which Demographic? A Social Geography of Cultural Spaces in the City
Chris Gibson

Cultural Places for a New Demographic
Sir Peter Hall

Indigenous People and Cities
Jackie Huggins

A Museum is a Ring of Rocks: Stories, Identity, Ritual and Place
Alison Page

Rip Tide or Whirl Pool - The Cultural Frontline of the Sea Change Phenomenon
Virginia Rigney

Citing the City: Museum architecture, Mapping, and the Tourist Gaze
Naomi Stead

When a Place Means Something. It Matters - Adding Value Off the Main Road
Sam Ham

Why Do Some Towns Thrive While Others Languish?
Ian Plowman

"Bloody Hell" You Talking to Me?
Robyn Till

Significance Assessment and Community Identity - What's happening in regional Queensland?
Deborah Tranter

Are Partnerships the Answer?
Vicki Warden

Are Historic House Museums Sustainable?
David Gibson

Engaging Design: How Values and Philosophies Shape Spaces
Madge Bemiss, Susan Hoppenfeld, Betsy Bradley

Community, Government, and Museum - the Peranakan of Singapore
Helena Bezzina

Art + Text: Deconstructing the Language Barrier in Art Museums
Jennifer Blunden

Navigating the Museum
Michael Crayford

History, Memory and the Past - History Museums and the Novels of Penelope Lively
Brian Crozier

Queer Voices in Museums
Kate Davison

Connecting the Community to the Art Museum
Jane Deeth

Netball, Scar Trees and Motorbikes: Community, Connect, Collaboration - Presenting Cultural Exhibitions in the Public Space
Rhonda Diffey

Grief, Protest and Public History: The Memorial Wall in the Migration Museum, Adelaide
Christine Finnimore

Connecting Museums with Students in Remote Australian Communities
Colleen Fitzgerald

Beyond the Garden Walls: greening cities and cultivating communities
Janelle Hatherley

Local Heritage and Cultural Vitality in Port Phillip
Melissa Hayes and Richard Holt

There is a Pottery in my Street
Jacqueline Healy

Thailand's Temple Museums and New South Wales: Community Museums - a Comparative Study
Kiralynne Hill

Engaging Adolescents in Interpretation at Sovereign Hill

Peter Hoban and Marion Littlejohn

Risky Moves
Jenny Horder

My City of Sydney
Susan Hunt

Making and Exhibiting Migration Stories in Community Settings
Mary Hutchison and Ian Coates

Beyond 'Ethnics' and 'Migrants': A Greek-Australian Experience
Leonard Janiszewski and Effy Alexakis

Online or Virtually So? Cultural Spaces Created for Children Through Online Museums
Robbie Johnston

Energy Highways: Memories of Energy Trails
Jan King

A Refugee Boat called Freedom: Crossing Borders and Linking Communities at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Lindl Lawton

Community Connections: Museums Working with Indigenous and Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Communities
Caroline Martin and Padmini Sebastian

Aqua Profunda - Culture and the Regeneration of Community Facilities
Ian McShane

Body Hits: The Dynamics of Kinespherics and Interpretation in Current Museum Display
Kit Messham-Muir

Community Expectations: Canberra Museum and Gallery Disaster Response
Dale Middleby

Connecting Communities Using Mobile Technologies
Liz Murphy

Re-imagining Space: The 'Scientia' Building at the University of New South Wales
Louise Ravelli

Communities in Need: Bushfire Disaster Response by Canberra's Cultural Institutions: First Steps
Barbara Reeve

Beads, Bugs and Tea: Community Learning Programs
Genelle Sharrock

Drawing Alive! Engaging with Museums, Galleries and Collections through Drawing
Margaret White

Community Museums and Volunteer Stories
Daniel Wilksch

Etched on Bark 1854: contested historical ground
Elizabeth Willis

Volunteers: A Community Resource and Engagement Tool for the Small Museum
Astrid Wootton


Sydney NSW: 1 - 4 May 2005

New Lamps for Old: Museums In The Learning Age
David Anderson

The Dying Words of Gertrude Stein
Robyn Archer

Too Many Captain Cooks, How Many Captain Cooks?: Nation, History And Perspective In Settler Australia
Bain Attwood

Riding With The Big Boys
Julie Baird

Accreditation: Mapping the Practicalities
Helen Bowman

Visitor Learning Can Be A Political Issue
Barrie Brennan

Beyond Talking Heads: Beirut To Baghdad....
Alissar Chidiac

"Strangers in a Strange Land" - the role of the historian at Sovereign Hill
Janice Croggon

Looking Forward Or Looking Back: Museums And The Future
Liza Dale-Hallett

An examination of the process of distributing data from the collection sphere into the public domain via the deployment of a scalable data interchange and deployment network at the South Australian Museum
Christopher Dalton, Matt Allbeury and Heath Amos

Interpreting the Nation: Which Stories, Whose Voice?
Professor Graeme Davison

The Values of the Parthenon, the Honour of the European Union and the Legacies of an Ecumenical Debt
Angelos Delivorrias

Braving The World Of Competitive Funding
Elizabeth Donaldson

Segmentation For Success
Linda Ferguson

What's New? Demands, Demographics And Distractions. The Changing Relationship With Museum Audiences.
Kevin Fewster

The Million Pound Note... Or how we won the lottery but never thought we'd spend it!
Gavin Fry

Accreditation - The Hot Topic
Jason W George

Museum Victoria: Building The Networked Museum
Dr J Patrick Greene

Custodians Welcome
Peter Haffenden

Leadership - What You Need To Know
Anthea Hancocks

The Darwin Centre And Beyond - access to collections, access to ideas
Michael Harvey

Returning the 'Old People': the First 'Stolen Generation'
Steve Hemming and Chris Wilson

1945:The End Of The War And It's Aftermath
Dr Hans-Martin Hinz

Cultural Institutions In The Digital Age: Copyright law and digitisation practices in museum, galleries and libraries
Emily Hudson and Andrew Kenyon

River Pigs Along The Rubicon: The Finely Balanced Art Of History Curatorship
Meighen S Katz

Collections: Treasure Or Trash?
Dr Suzanne Keene

Negotiation and Repatriation: Notes From Inside And Outside The Canadian Treaty Process
Andrea Laforet

3C's - Community, Culture And Commerce
Jock McQueenie

Exhibiting Narrative: A Collaborative Approach To The Re-mediation And Exhibition Of The Strehlow Collection
Dr Scott Mitchell

Politcal Pawns: Volunteer-Run Museums. Does anyone Care?
Leone Morgan

Sustainability And Cultural Collections: Introducing The Collections Council Of Australia
Sue Nattrass

New Architecture For The New Museum
David Priddle

Won't You Stay And Play? Creating Multimedia Exhibits That Actually Engage With Visitors
Tim Rolfe

Audiences To Regional, Local And Specialist Museums
Carol Scott and Lynda Kelly

Window Shopping: Looking And Learning In The Museum
Susan Sedgwick

Museum Studies Training: Academic Variations And A New Model For Developing Countries
John Simmons

Access For People Who Are Blind Or Vision Impaired
Michael Simpson

Creative Cities, Creative Museums
Maisy Stapleton

Outside the Comfort Zone
Toner Stevenson

Searching For Security In A Post-1945 World
Libby Stewart, Brad Manera and Ian Hodges

Cultural Consumers and Emotional Connection: A Tool For Community Engagement
Dr Sherene Suchy

Child Care Quality Assurance In Australia
John Tainton

The Museum As An Intercultural Site
Mia Thornton

So What!: Community Stories Matter
Anni Turnbull

Just How Far Can You Go? Confronting Displays In The Mind & Body Gallery
Dr Nurin Veis

The Thorns Of Fine Art Deaccessioning: A Consideration Of the Complex Issues Of Collection Management, Ethics And Relationship Management
Christopher Wainwright

New Challenges In Fundraising: Pitching Your Organisation In A Tragedy-Sensitive Environment
Sue-Anne Wallace

What the Visitor Remembered
Sue Webber

Interrogating Pluralism
Kirsten Wehner and Mathew Trinca

Fixing The Slums Of Australian Museums; or sustaining heritage collections in regional Australia
Kylie Winkworth

Repositioning Regional Galleries Through International Exhibitions
Lyndel Wischer

Beyond The Politics Of Representation: Towards A New Approach For Engaging With The Past In Museums
Dr Andrea Witcomb


Melbourne Vic (16 - 21 May 2004)

Business sustainability through good design
Michael James, Director, Brown James Design, Brisbane

Innovative art gallery programs for marginalised youth
Ruth Komesaroff, Vic

Crystal ball gazing - determining social value of government records 
Esther Robinson, National Archives of Australia

Museums and the Survival of the Fittest
Wim van der Weiden, European Museum Forum, The Netherlands

Dumbing Down ... or Up? The Power of Language in Museums
Jennifer Blunden, Freelance, NSW

Sustainable Futures: Sustainable Museums 
Liza Dale-Hallett, Museum Victoria, Vic.

What Has Posterity Done for us? Making Collection Databases Accessible to Users in the Future 
David Demant, Museum Victoria, Vic. 

You Are What You Eat: Food and Cultural Identity
Mickey Dewar, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory , NT

Cultural Tourism ... Soul Food, Fast Food or Junk Food? 
Sharron Dickman, Cultural Tourism Group, Vic

Sour Milk, Sustainability and a Sense of Humour (Art, the Status Quo and Population Sustainability in Australia) 
Denise Ferris, National Institute of the Arts, The Australian National University, NSW

Winning Them Over With Entrees: The Role of Food in Creating an Audience at Bishop's Lodge Historic House, Hay 
Mary Lou Gardam, Bishop's Lodge Historic House, NSW
Andrew Gray, Australian War Memorial, ACT

The Sustainability of State Archives From a Public Access Viewpoint 
Shauna Hicks, Public Record Office Victoria, Vic.

Authentic Learning Beyond the Classroom
Peter Hoban, Sovereign Hill Education Service, Vic.

Keeping Treasures in Testing Times: Special Collections in the Academic Environment
Anne Horn, Executive Manager, Social Sciences and Humanities Library Service, University of Queensland Library
Deborah Stumm, Manager, Fryer Library and University Archives, University of Queensland Library

Catering Contracts in Museums 
Tamara Jungwirth, Museum Victoria, Vic.

Evaluation of Cultural Sector Leadership Pilot: an Action Research Approach 
Lucy Marder, NTS Developing People, Vic.

Sustaining Memory: Artefacts and Experience in Holocaust Museums 
Dr Kit Messham-Muir , University of Sydney, NSW

Solitary vs. Shared Learning: Exploring the Social Dimension of Museum Learning
Jan Packer, Queensland University of Technology , Qld
Roy Ballantyne , Queensland University of Technology , Qld

Partnerships Between Museums, Universities and Business: Turning a $2m White Elephant into a Museum Display, a University Lecture Theatre, a Research Facility and a Testing Place (Laboratory) for Industry
Peter Pentland, Scienceworks, Vic
Professor Akhtar Kalam Victoria University of Technology, Vic.

Partnerships at the Powerhouse
Rebecca Pinchin, Powerhouse Museum, Vic.

Case Study: Why Do We Need a Museum?
Anne Rowland, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Vic.

Historical Societies: Sustaining Connected Communities
Vicki Court , Royal Historical Society Of Victoria
Liz Rushen, Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Vic.

Local History Collections for the Future: Meaningful Partnerships Between Public Libraries and Community Heritage Groups
Claire Sandell, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation, Vic.

MDOs - The Perfect Partnership?
Zoe Scott and Vicki Warden, Museum Resource Centre Central Queensland, Qld

Sure to Rise: Essential Ingredients for Enriching and Assessing Museum Performance
Peter Scrivener, Museums and Galleries Foundation of NSW, NSW
Jane Legget, Massey University , New Zealand
Kate Walsh, History Trust of South Australia, SA

Use Your Scone: Hay's Community Curator program and Rural Museum Development
Dr Martha Sear, Community Curator, Hay, NSW

Red Cordial, Crackers and Cheese: The 'Year 7 Collections Exhibition' and Teaching Museum Studies to High School Students in Hay 
Dr Martha Sear, Community Curator, Hay, Vic.
Anne Longworth, Hay War Memorial High School Museum, Vic.

What is Strange About Australia? An exhibition designer's perspective on how well cultural institutions educate the general public about the Australian environment
Rosemary Simons, Rosemary Simons Design Pty Ltd

Side Dish or Main : The Leadership Role Of Smaller Cultural Institutions
Maisy Stapleton, Museums And Galleries Foundation of NSW

Propagate or Perish: Partnership, Sustainability and Community Value
Robyn Till, Pioneer Settlement Museum, Vic.

Rights Management for Images: Images - Doing the Right Thing
Ingrid Unger and Edwina Circuitt, Museum Victoria, Vic.

Evolution and Engagement in Education
Heather Whitely, National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic
Robyn Krause-Hale, National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic
Susie May, National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic
Graham Parker, National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic.

Sowing Seeds Across the Boundary - the Future Role of Botanic Gardens 
Sharon Willoughby, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Vic

Basin Bytes: Museums, Photovoice and Natural Resource Management
Joanna Wills, National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic
Dr Ruth Lane National Museum of Australia, Tas.
Damian Lucas , National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic
Professor Frank Vanclay , National Gallery Of Victoria, Vic


Perth WA (25 - 30 May 2003)

Anne Brake 
Tapping In

Denise Cook
Looking to the Indian Ocean: Stories from Near and Far

Barry Craig 

Jo Darbyshire 
The Shame-Faced Crab: Museum and collections in the 21st century

Janey Dolan 
Side By Side: Building Relationships Between Indigenous Australians and Museums

Sarah Edwards 
The Other Side. Getting There Sans Console

Anna Fairclough 
The Internet: Friend or Foe of Heritage Collections

Janelle Hatherly 
The Other Side of Botanic Gardens

Craig McVee, Margaret Robertson and Penny Young 
The Kodja Place - one story many voices

Dr Kit Messham-Muir 
Affect, Interpretation and Technology

Johanna Parker 
Kspace Futureworld - What will you make of it?
An analysis and review of an interactive multimedia history exhibit

Andrew Simpson 
Between a rock and a hard place: Geological collections in the Australian tertiary education system

Dr Peter Stanbury 
Advancing the Standing of Smaller Museums

Andrea Witcomb 
An Introduction to the Conference Themes

Suzette Worden 
Digital Imagery: a creative art


Adelaide SA (18 - 23 March 2002)

Graeme Davison
Museums and National Identity

Mickey Dewar
Sometimes I Feel Like I'm History

Mickey Dewar
Forgotten Fragments: The Story Behind the Object

Zahava Doering
Serving the Nation: Lessons from the Smithsonian

Anna Fairclough
Hidden Voices: Why the omission of stories in cultural institutions is as important as the inclusion

Jawaid Haider
Learning Through Exploration and Play

Steve Hemming
The South Australia Museum's Aboriginal Cultures Gallery: a political, historical and spatial reading?

Maria Victoria T Herrera
Creating Histories and Identities: Issues in Managing Culture

Rita Lazauskas
Myth Making: Centre v's periphery (Big is Better)

Moya McFadzean
From Dictation Test to Detention Centres: Exhibiting Controversy, Past and Present

Jennifer Munday
It can't speak for itself - Performance and Interpretation

Murray Patterson
The Bakery of Poets: New Stories out of Old Buildings

Barbara Piscitelli
How museums grew to love young children

Nina Richwol
Managing a corporate collection - issues in interpretation

Gillian Savage
Get 'em young: Speaking their language or teaching them yours?

Viv Szekeres
Setting the Scene

Cassandra Zervos
Children's Museums: Edu-tainment for Young Learners


Canberra (23-26 April, 2001)

Keynote papers 
Professor Ann Curthoys, Australian National University 
History for the nation, or for the world?

Mark O'Neill, Director, Glasgow Museums and Galleries 
Glasgow City of Culture: beyond the welfare model of cultural provision

Dawn Casey, Director, National Museum of Australia 
Indigenous identities - Australian and international perspectives

Parallel sessions papers 
Chandler, Lisa  
Reawakening the dreamings: the collection and representation of indigenous Australian art at the Queensland Art Gallery.

Clarke, Fiona  
The all purpose Anzac legend

Dewar, Mickey (Dr) 
Am I really here and if I am, who am I? Identity, artefact and the Northern Territory in a national context

Galt-Smith, Brett (Dr)  
The Strehlow Collection - Visions Beyond the Horizon and Protocols in Our Own Backyard

Horder, Jenny  
Medical Milestones, Frontiers and Challenges in the Centenary of Federation: How have medical museums contributed to the enlightenment and understanding of medical advances in the 20th century?

Hyslop, Gabrielle 
Fooling around with the founding fathers

Kerridge, Yolande 
Pushing the boundaries: the place of art in Melbourne Museum

O'Neill, Mark 
Return to Wounded Knee: The Glasgow Experience of Repatriation

Padanyi-Ryan, Julie (Dr)  
Collecting - to what end? Recent trends in some Australian art galleries

Suchy, Sherene 
Developing Leaders for the 21st Century: engaging the hearts of others

Thompson, Bronwyn 
An educational perspective to InfoZone - Melbourne Museum's research centre

Tonkin, Susan  
So what do the people think of their birthday present? Early visitor survey results from the National Museum of Australia

Van Tienan, Ruth  
Museums and volunteers