AMaGA2020 Bursary Application Form


The 2020 AMaGA National Conference will be held in Canberra from 18-21 May.  Members and colleagues are invited to apply for bursaries to assist in their travel and/or registration to attend.

General Information and Conditions

Please read all of these before applying for a bursary below.

It is important to note that bursary applications generally amount to over double the funds available. It is unlikely that applicants will be fully funded, and those applicants who make an effort to self-fund part of their conference costs are given some priority.


Funding sources

Members only

  • Members can apply for funding assistance from AMaGA's State/Territory Branches and National Networks. You MUST be a member to apply for this funding. Members will be considered for funding from ALL appropriate available sources (i.e. if you are a member from NSW with a subscription to the Education network, we will automatically place you in the pool for funding from both the branch and the network, and also the federal funding (see below).
  • In addition, the new Conference Inclusion Fund will fund volunteers in regional and community museums and galleries. Read more about the Inclusion Fund and how you can contribute

Open to all

  • Federal funding through the Department of Communications and the Arts is available for people living and working/volunteering in regional and remote areas, and Indigenous people. Priority will be given to Indigenous Australians, and volunteers from regional and remote locations, and then to those volunteering in small, community museums. Speakers who are presenting on topics targeted at community museums and Indigenous issues will also be considered for funding. You do not need to be a member.


How bursaries work

  • Bursaries are paid as a reimbursement. Your nominated bank account will be credited with the bursary funds before the conference.
  • You must register for the conference before applying for a bursary and select the pay later/invoice option. We check the registration status of each applicant when allocating funds.
  • Per diem expenses and social event registrations are not eligible for inclusion in your application.
  • Accommodation costs are capped depending on the location of the conference. 
  • Different funding sources have different criteria. The only funding source that is available for non-members is the federal funding which is dedicated to Regional, Remote or Indigenous delegates. All other funding sources require the applicant to be a member of AMaGA. Join now.
  • State/Territory Branches and/or National Networks may have additional criteria and may contact you for more information before allocating bursaries to eligible applicants.
  • Bursary recipients must provide a written report on their conference experience.
  • All applicants (whether successful or not) will be registered at the early bird rate


How to apply

Fill in the below form and submit it before the closing date. Please do not send in more than one form (i.e. email and post). 


Closing date

Applications close Monday 24 February 2020.

Successful applicants will be paid in March/April OR when fund become available from the government.



We may need to contact you to confirm member details or bank account information.

Bursary notifications will be issued by email.

Are you applying for a bursary as an individual member or as an employee/volunteer of an organisational member?

Please tick all that apply

Bursary applicants receive the early bird rate.
Enter 0 if this is not applicable.

Accommodation costs are capped at an amount depending on the location of the conference. Please enter the full amount/estimate of your accommodation costs, but note that the amount offered will be capped.
Enter 0 if this is not applicable.

Please note that the current market rate may be checked and the amount offered could be capped.
Only costs of travel to the city of the conference can be covered. Transfers/taxis will not be funded.
Enter 0 if this is not applicable.