UN International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 13 October 2020

Disaster season is in full swing and 13 October is the UN International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

This year we are working with Blue Shield Australia and sharing practical preparedness tips you can use to get ready for potential disaster.

  1. Update your Emergency Contacts List and make sure it is accessible to everyone who needs it
  2. Review your current disaster preparedness plan or develop a plan that covers a key activity in each of the four basic protection measures: prevention, preparation, response & recovery
  3. Contact your regional GLAM colleagues (galleries, libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, national trusts…)
  4. As a GLAM group, connect with your local council and emergency services contacts

Follow along with us on social media (Facebook) over the next 2 weeks for additional tips on how to develop, update or test your disaster preparedness plan. We’ll be using the key steps outlined in Be Prepared: Guidelines for Small Museums for Writing a Disaster Preparedness Plan.

#BuildToLast #DRRday

Members should also check out all the Disaster Preparedness resources in Museum Methods.

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