MAAS Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. Photo: Jackson Simon

Powerhouse Museum to remain in Ultimo

AMaGA welcomes the NSW Government’s recent announcement that the Ultimo site of the Powerhouse Museum would be retained as well as developing the new site at Parramatta in Sydney’s west. The NSW Treasurer said “the decision was made to ensure Sydney had access to two world-class facilities, providing the arts, tourism and employment sectors with a much-needed boost after the economic impact of COVID-19.”

After a long campaign by many interest groups and with competing views about how a 21st century museum operates, and what’s best for the internationally significant collections as well as for the people of Parramatta and the regions, we look forward to seeing substantial and visionary re-investment in the Ultimo site and programs alongside the planning for expansion and innovative collaborations further afield.

We also commend the staff at the Powerhouse Museum who have worked professionally under circumstances of great uncertainty and public dispute over the last few years.

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More information: Powerhouse museum: NSW premier dumps plans to close Ultimo site, The Guardian

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