National Council Elections 2023-2025 Outcome

AMaGA is thrilled to announce the results of our recent council elections, and we couldn't be more grateful for the active participation and dedication of our members throughout this process.

After a thorough and transparent nomination and voting process led by our Nominating Committee and Public Officer, we are pleased to introduce the newly elected and re-elected members of our National Council:








Seb Chan

Director and CEO, Australian Centre for the Moving Image


Vice President






Julie Baird
Director of Newcastle Museum








Craig Middleton
Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia



Ordinary Members







Vick Gwyn, Curator National Film and Sound Archive






Cameron Auty, Associate Director, Operations Museums and Collections University of Melbourne






Emily Clarke, Director, Interpretation and Experience Port Arthur Historic Site Authority






Andrew Hiskens, Andrew Hiskens Consulting







Erika Taylor, Museum Curator Tweed Regional Museum







Elizabeth Marsden, Manager, Cultural Collections RMIT


We also want to express our sincere appreciation to all the individuals who stepped forward as nominees. Your willingness to serve AMaGA and our members is commendable, and we encourage you to stay engaged and involved in our community.


Lastly a thank you to every member who took the time to cast their vote. Your active participation is the cornerstone of our democratic process, and it's your voice that shapes the future of our organisation.


As we welcome our newly elected council members, we are excited about the positive changes and growth they will bring. Together, we will continue to work towards the betterment of our organisation and the achievement of our shared goals.


Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and events as we embark on this new chapter with our National Council members leading the way.

Supporters and Partners