AMaGA submission to PC Inquiry into Mental Health

AMaGA has lodged a submission in response to the current Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Economic Impacts of Mental Ill-Health.

The Commission prepared an Issues Paper as a guide and our submission focused on their highlighted areas of social participation and inclusion, and the links with health and wellbeing.

We stated that: There are several interlinked ways in which to understand the actual or potential roles of museums and galleries and mental health:

  • Access: how access to museums and galleries, interaction with collections, and participation in programs supports mental health
  • Practice: the representation of mental health issues in museum practice, such as exhibitions and education programs
  • Employment: the opportunities for employment in the sector for those living with mental illness
  • Advocacy: how the sector can advocate with and use a collaborative activist approach to change the lives of those living with mental illness.


Read the full submission here – it makes several recommendations, advises on the importance of implementing the Indigenous Roadmap, and contains links to useful research data and reports.

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