Strikers in Sydney. Jenny Evans/Getty Images

AMaGA Statement of Support for student-led Global Climate Strike

Australian Museums and Galleries Association welcomes the energy and engagement shown by students across the globe in their fight for climate justice. Their determination and commitment are exactly what we need at this crucial moment. Students are showing the leadership they expect from business leaders and politicians.  We hope that governments will be influenced by the students’ sense of urgency to save our planet from profound changes.

Museums and galleries have the opportunity to influence people’s perceptions, and while the impacts of climate change should be taught in schools, museums and galleries are also spaces for learning about and taking action for climate justice. Within our spaces there should be full and free discussions about the consequences of climate change as well as possible solutions.

Students, by taking to the streets have rejected cynicism, apathy and inaction and actively embraced hope. Hope is contagious and can inspire others to take action.

Museums and galleries are high energy users, however, there are actions and initiatives that we all can take that will greatly reduce the sectors environmental footprint. These could include, using passive climate control in our buildings, reducing food and other waste in our café and events, recycling of exhibition materials and improving access through the promotion of sustainable public transport to our venues.

Coordinated and sustained participation of students, workers and our own cultural sector may be the first step towards climate justice. 

AMaGA stands by students in the demand for urgent climate action and a just economic transition.  



AMaGA's Policy Review Standing Committee met this week and made the review and/or redevelopment of the national Sustainability Policy a priority for the next 12 months.

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