AMaGA’s response to the ongoing national bushfire crisis

As bushfires and extreme weather conditions continue to devastate communities across Australia, we join the nation in grieving the loss of life, animals, heritage sites and landscape. We are still unsure as to the extent the fires have impacted our members and the museums and galleries in the affected regions.

Our members’ first priority must be the safety of themselves and their families. Museums and galleries are community hubs and can play a leading role when rebuilding begins. We urge you to visit Blue Shield Australia’s resources and links which may provide useful information on disaster preparedness and contacts for disaster recovery after a bushfire, including salvaging fire-damaged records.

AMaGA acknowledges the extent of these devastating fires is the result of the effects of climate change. Please see AMaGA Statement of Support for student-let global Climate Strike for information on future initiatives.

We will continue to monitor the situation and the impact on our institutions and plan with Blue Shield and other organisations on potential disaster recovery options once the state of emergency has passed. We thank and acknowledge the brave work of firefighters, first responders and community volunteers at this time.


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