AMaGA National Council Elections 2023-2025 announcement

2023 is an Australian Museums and Galleries Association Election Year

The current AMaGA National Council Executive was renominated without the requirement of an election. There were 12 nominations for Ordinary Member for the 6 available positions so there will be an election. The voting period will open on Friday 11 August  and close on Monday 11 September 2023. Members will be able to vote online or via an emailed form. 

List of nominees 2023 

  • Andrew Hiskens, Andrew Hiskens Consulting  
  • Cameron Auty, Associate Director, Operations Museums and Collections, University of Melbourne  
  • Celeste Aldahn, Communications & Content Officer National Gallery of Australia 
  • Emily Clarke, Director, Interpretation and Experience Port Arthur Historic Site Authority  
  • Emma Bitmead, Associate Curator, Historical Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia 
  • Erika Taylor, Museum Curator, Tweed Regional Museum  
  • Dr Janice Rieger, Associate Professor Qld University of Technology 
  • Jen Franklin, Collections Manager University of Tasmania  
  • Jordan Cavanough, Collection Systems Officer, National Gallery of Australia 
  • Elizabeth Marsden, Manager, Cultural Collections, RMIT  
  • Lynda Kelly, Director, LyndaKellyNetworks 
  • Vick Gwyn, Curator, National Film and Sound Archive 

Check out the biographies of our nominees for Ordinary Member.


You can vote if:

  • You are a current Individual member of AMaGA - your membership status will be checked
  • You are the designated representative of a current Organisational member - only one vote per organisation will be counted
  • You are a Honorary Life Member or an AMaGA Staff Member
  • You have not already voted in this election.

How does online voting work?

We are using Survey Monkey as the platform for voting as we have for the past 2 national elections. The names of the candidates are randomised for each voter and so will appear in a different order for each voter, so as not to advantage anyone. Your membership details are entered separately so your vote is allocated a unique identifying number. Your vote is anonymous and the entire process is overseen by the Returning Officer.

If you have any questions about the online voting system, please contact us. If you have any concerns about this system, you are invited to vote offline.


About National Council

The National Council provides the vital representative platform for leadership of the Australian Museums and Galleries Association, and its members are the recognisable interface with the sector, on behalf of the hugely dispersed footprint of AMaGA membership around the country.

Council members bring expertise and experience, source opinion, listen to needs, develop and implement policy, and, in particular, garner the intellectual and human resources that help the association continue to put together informed submissions to public inquiries affecting the sector, and continuing to provide effective advocacy to government on issues and conditions vitally affecting our museums and the communities they serve.

Council needs representation from across the geographic spread of the country and covering the intellectual and practical diversity of disciplines and functions that make up the museums and galleries sector, as reflected in AMaGA’s membership.

The Council consists of the positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer and 6 ordinary members. The current Presidents of the various State/Territory Branches, or their designated representative, are automatically members of Council.


Michelle Fracaro
AMaGA National Office


Rebecca Coronel
Returning Officer and Chair of Nominations Committee


The 2023 AMaGA Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 September 2023 in Canberra and online. Time and venue TBC.

We invite all members to attend. The new National Council will be announced at the AGM.

Upcoming Events

28 Sep
The Jaeger Room & Ian Wark Theatre at the Canberra Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science, ACT

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