AMaGA Media Release Arts Day on the Hill July 2019

National director, Alex Marsden, is one of many arts and cultural advocates at this year’s Arts Day On The Hill in Canberra. The event is a celebration of the power of arts and culture and its central role in Australia’s sense of self and purpose. 

“In this post-truth age of declining trust in governments, industry and the media, museums and galleries remain hugely trusted sources of information, learning and engagement for people of all ages.”  

With over 2,500 galleries and museums across every region of Australia, there is one to suit anyone’s sudden interest, need for knowledge, or life-long passion. “We invite each and every Parliamentarian to visit their local one to experience the delight for themselves. And then share it with their communities.”

She adds, “and, if you want to talk purely in economic terms, recent research by the Commonwealth government shows that cultural and creative activity contributed $111.7 billion to Australia’s economy in 2016-17”. 

Social and economic impact: monetary and non-monetary rewards – now there’s a package to be celebrated.


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