Puutu Kunti Kurrama And Pinikura Aboriginal Corporation

AMaGA joins Blue Shield in calls for a review of Aboriginal Heritage Act after Pilbara explosions

AMaGA shares the national and international outrage at the destruction of the 46,000 year old cultural sites in the Pilbara through Rio Tinto’s calculated disregard for First Peoples’ culture and Australia’s heritage. Yes to reviewing the 1972 Act, and Yes, Rio Tinto must change.

@BlueShieldAust & @BlueShield_Int  call for a Review of Heritage Laws in Australia following the devastating loss of indigenous #culturalheritage

From ABC News 28 May 2020

Some archaeologists are today comparing the destruction of 46-thousand year old Aboriginal rock shelters in the Pilbara with the blowing up of Afghanistan's Bamyan Buddhas by the Taliban, or the Islamic State group's ravaging of cultural sites across Middle East.

Mining giant Rio Tinto has caused deep sadness and anger among traditional owners, after it decided to detonate explosives near the rock shelters, annihilating artefacts and obliterating a place that holds ancient stories and memories.

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