National Council Elections 2021-2023


2021 is an Australian Museums and Galleries Association Election Year

Voting closes on Monday 10 May 2021

The executive members were nominated without opposition. 
There were 11 nominations for Ordinary Member and there will be an election. 

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About National Council

The Council consists of the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and 6 ordinary members. The current Presidents of the various State/Territory Branches, or their designated representative, are automatically members of Council.

The National Council provides the vital representative platform for leadership of AMaGA, and its members are the recognisable interface with the sector, on behalf of the hugely dispersed footprint of AMaGA membership around the country.

Council members bring expertise and experience, source opinion, listen to needs, develop and implement policy, and undertake the strategic governance of the organisation. In particular, they garner the intellectual and human resources that help the association continue to put together informed submissions to public inquiries affecting the sector, and continuing to provide effective advocacy to government on issues and conditions vitally affecting our museums and galleries, and the communities they serve.

Council needs representation from across the geographic spread of the country and covering the intellectual and practical diversity of disciplines and functions that make up the museums and galleries sector, as reflected in the AMaGA membership. Membership include the full gamut of institutions embraced by the ICOM definition: Australia’s museums, galleries, herbaria, keeping places, historic houses and heritage sites, scientific collections in research institutions, botanical and zoological gardens, and more.

Council service is honorary, with Councillors meeting their own individual expenses to attend the two annual Face-to-Face meetings. Other meetings and executive meetings take place via teleconference throughout the year.

A National Council Handbook is available. Many frequently asked questions are answered, and more information on the roles and responsibilities of each position is outlined.

Carol Cartwright
Returning Officer and Chair of Nominations Committee