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Education & Community Outreach

In the past, the job of museum education was to cultivate learning and appreciation by drawing people into the museum, generating interest and focusing attention on collections and exhibitions. Now, our work is argubly more about connecting and facilitating experiences that visitors, in part, help to determine. Museum education work has become more collaborative and outward in orientation.

Museum education as a field or space in which we “research, design, implement and create conditions and structures for: creative play, exploration, study, observation, thinking, contemplation, dialogue, ideas, exploration, experimentation, processes, dissemination, new capacities and experiences with and without words."

Education Resources

Visitor Research & Evaluation

Visitor research is one of the most interesting and useful things you can do in an organisation.

Research assists us to manage our organisation more effectively. It can give us information we need to meet the requirements of our funding partners, and help us develop an effective exhibition schedule, make fruitful approaches to potential sponsors and identify ways to increase visitors numbers by working smarter—not just harder.

Research resources