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Managing My Museum

Part 1 of the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries covers managing your museum.

More resources to come.

Access and Disability

What is the point of having a collection if you can't share it with as many people as possible? Here are some tips about making your collection, and building, as accessible as possible. Includes information on disability access (deaf, blind, physical access, aged care, etc) and requirements, as well as getting your collection 'out there' through travelling museums, online/virtual museums and other ways.

Accessibility resources

Consultants and Services

Several directories for consultants, suppliers and relevant service providers are available.

Sector consultants and suppliers

Disaster Preparedness

The protection of collections is our (museum's) raison d'etre. In a climate of increasingly devastating natural disasters such as floods and fires, it is vital to know how, when, who, where and what you need to do to protect your collection.

Start with Be Prepared. More resources to come.

Ethics and Legal

Includes information on ethics in managament, ethics in collection management, legal requirements regrding to associations, governance, copyright and more.

National Standards

Collecting organisations of all kinds are invited to use the National Standards framework as a resource.

Read more and view the Standards


Not just how much paper you use and when you turn the lights off, the sustainability of your organisation includes strategic planning, succession planning for boards and staff, as well as how your organisation impacts on the environment (natural, built and community).

Sustainability resources for your museum or gallery


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sector - from the smallest regional community museum, to the largest national gallery.