Museum Matters

Museum Matters 21/1 June 2012
Features: Working with Local GovernmentMuseum Studies Program to Close. Also has a report on the May chapter representatives' meeting, regional round-up, and information on museums and artists & galleries, exhibitions, information management & technology, local collections, local history, school museums, schools and Volunteering Australia. 

Museum Matters 20/2 December 2011
Features: Morphing Museums and the Media; Leaving Cambodia - Unearthing Community History Gems. Also with state round-up and information on circus collections, military museums, museum mission statements, performance indicators, pop-up museums, significance, standards, US museum strategies, volunteer economics and volunteer strategies.

Museum Matters 20/1 June 2011
Feature: New Directions for NSW Museums? (reporting on the Place, Space and Identity Symposium April 2011)  

Museum Matters 19/2 December 2010
Feature: Creating a Bit of Magic (on exhibitions in museums)

Museum Matters 19/1 July 2010
Feature: Regional Museums in an Online Future

Museum Matters vol 18 no 2 December 2009
Feature: Putting a Value on Museums

Museum Matters vol 18 no 1 April 2009
Feature: Take the Lead from Bar Sweetapple (on the MA national conference  2009)

Museum Matters vol 17 no 2 December 2008
Feature: Turning Old Songs into a New Chorus (on advocacy)