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A Cultural Cacophony: Museum Perspectives and Projects

This volume is a collection of essays about the museum sector.  It entails a sense of how the sector is changing in the early 21st century and how individuals and groups are responding to the opportunities and challenges that change brings. The collection includes both broad, global perspectives plus a range of case studies from cultural organisations at a variety of scales.

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Full Publication

Simpson, Andrew and Hammond, Gina (eds). 2016. A Cultural Cacophony: Museum Perspectives and Projects. Museums Galleries Australia. Canberra 

Individual Chapters

Anderson, Kathleen
The power and the passion: the Forced Adoptions History Project

Coles, Alec
Museums and freedom of speech

Hardy, Christina
An expedition into the changing world of museum collections: are they vital or a thing of the past?

Hatherly, Janelle
Sowing the seeds of wisdom and cultivating thinking in museums

Kirkwood, Sandra
Music museum curatorship: Reclaiming rights and responsibilities for musicking on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), Australia

Lyon, Doreen
Museums and memory: The power of story

Manuireva, Sally
Creating new forms of value with Indigenous customers: Auckland War Memorial Museum, a case study

Mares, Michael A
A cultural renaissance in museums and collections at the University of Oklahoma

McKay, Kim
Mining media content in museums: Digging deep for new opportunities

McKenzie-Clark, Jaye and Magnussen, John
Real and virtual: The role of computed tomography and 3D imaging in museum practice

Mitchell, Scott
“To the city for dancing”: the Women Artists collection and the birth of commercial art practice at Yuendumu

Pearce, Sara
Reminiscence Cottage: A multisensory space for people living with dementia

Rose, Rachael
From Bucharest to Hobart:  A legacy of Romanian art

Rowe, Paul
How to cope when you open your digital doors

Simons, John
Museums, mausoleums and muniments rooms: Letting in the light on university collections

Simpson, Andrew and Hammond, Gina
Introduction: A professional cacophony

Smedley, Joanne
19,000 glass plate negatives: Algernon Darge’s First World War legacy

Thogersen, Jane; Hammond, Gina and Simpson, Andrew
Reframing the small university museum

Tonkin, Steven
Art on the way to the theatre: Performing arts centres and their art collection

Watterson, Sally
Fit for the future: Reflections on regional spaces in a changing world

Williams, Kim
The challenge of contemporary relevance in a digital era

Winkworth, Kylie
More on the museum diet: Ten strategies for sustainable museums and collections

Biographies and Acknowledgements

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