Gallagher is the endorsed broker for AMaGA.

As stewards of Australia's art, culture and heritage, museum operators and gallery owners face risks that are very different from many other organisations. We understand this. That's why we're proud to endorse Arthur J Gallagher as our insurance broker. They're experts in this field of insurance.

For information about the Voluntary Workers Personal Accident insurance please contact Deborah at AMaGA's National Office on 02 6230 0346 or

For all other insurance enquiries please call the AJG Museum team for a review of your current insurance needs on 02 6283 6555 or send an email to

Available policies


Exclusive benefits for members

Members of AMaGA enjoy ongoing discounted premiums on our full range of insurance solutions, including: 

  • Voluntary Workers Group Personal Accident Policy
  • Museums Public Liability Insurance
  • Combined Professional Indemnity & Public/Products Liability Insurance
  • Contents – Museum Collection Insurance

How to make the most of your volunteer programs

Volunteering is big in Australia. Over 6.1 million Australian adults have participated in formal volunteering, and a quick unfiltered search on (a not-for-profit search platform run by SEEK Limited) returns over one thousand pages of volunteering opportunities across the country.  

Of these opportunities, almost two hundred are with museums, foundations and galleries. Organisations both big and small are looking for volunteers in roles varying from Accounts Receivable and tour guide operator, to data entry assistant and marketing coordinator. Volunteers are essential to the running of Australia’s museums and galleries, and to the advancement of vital cultural and scientific programs.

But as visitor numbers dwindle and people have less free time on their hands, how can museums and galleries attract the volunteers they need to maintain operations? How can you make the most of your volunteer programs? 

Once you're attracted your volunteer workforce, protect them with our discounted Voluntary Workers Group Personal Accident Policy from just $52.50 (for up to 30 volunteers). For more information contact Deborah at the National Office on 02 6230 0346 or

Museum insurance explained simply

Understanding insurance needs, options and obligations is a challenge for every organisation. Museums and galleries face the additional challenge of having to insure collections, displays, contractors, volunteers and more. So it's no surprise that, for many professionals, museum insurance seems needlessly complicated.

But there's good news: museum insurance doesn't have to be complicated. With Arthur J Gallagher, we've created this simple 'cheat sheet' that explains the types of insurance policies you can have, who they cover, and how they help your organisation or business.