Museums Australia has compiled this directory of funding opportunities for the arts and cultural heritage sector. It is by no means a complete list and does not include opportunities for for-profit organisations or information on corporate sponsorships. Use the list as a starting point to discovering other funding opportunities. It is important to think outside the box.

The directory is categorised into arts (visual and performing arts), cultural heritage (historic sites, social history, etc), Indigenous, and individual opportunities. 


General Information

  • FAQ
  • How to write a grant application
  • Sector facts and figures to help your application
  • Some notes on crowdfunding


Arts-specific funding for visual artists, exhibition development and touring


Heritage and History

Opportunities for social history and heritage organisations, including historic sites



Grants and programs available to increase and enrich communication and collaboration with Indigenous communities through art and storytelling



Grants, scholarships and fellowships specificatlly for individual development


International Projects

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • International Cultural Diplomacy Grants program - - The ACDGP will support activities that:
    • Project a positive and contemporary image of Australia and Australia’s capabilities internationally through the delivery of high quality and innovative collaborative arts and cultural activity
    • Strengthen long-term cultural relationships with our key regional partners, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region
    • Enhance market access and market development strategies for Australian cultural exports, and
    • Strengthen business engagement and connections.
  • Australian National Commission for UNESCO – ( ) The Australian National Commission for UNESCO assists projects which will further National Commission and UNESCO priorities and objectives.  They include:
    • Attaining quality education for all and lifelong learning;
    • Mobilizing science knowledge and policy for sustainable development;
    • Addressing emerging social and ethical challenges;
    • Fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; and
    • Building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication

Funding is offered annually, mid-year.