What is my membership fee used for?

Income from membership represents the primary income source for the association at the national level.

Your membership fee make a contribution to the publication of Museums Galleries Australia Magazine, a world class quarterly publication that is Australia's only national magazine for the museums sector. (Income from advertising represents the other source of income for this publication.)

Your membership fee also helps fund the operations of a national office. This office provides support for the National Council, the Executive and Standing Committees, as well as specific national projects. The staff of the national office ensure that association's records are maintained well and in accordance with the law. The national office also manages sales of publications, the e-mail bulletins, project grants, advertising in the magazine, as well as this website.

The national office provides support for Branches, Chapters and National Networks who ask for assistance in distributing newsletters, administering events and financial and governance guidance. The National Office also provides a central contact point for the Association, providing information for members and people interested in the Association.

Finally, a percentage of your membership fee is given to the branch in your state or territory. This money contributes to supporting state-based activities such as seminars and newsletters.