How can I contribute to the direction and activity of Museums Galleries Australia?

Museums Australia Incorporated is a membership body, wholly owned and directed by its members.

Each state and territory has a branch with a committee that responds to the needs and interests of members in that state or territory. Each of these branches has a representative on the National Council.

In addition to the state representatives, the National Council has members who are directly elected by the whole membership, including the office of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary (who collectively make up the National Executive). Council elections are held every two years.

Other members of the National Council include a Public Officer, the Immediate Past President and a representative of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Australia Committee.

In addition to influencing the direction of the organisation through either standing for election to a branch committee or the national council, members are able to contact members of the National Council and various committees directly or, if they prefer, can convey messages to them via the National Office.

Members may also propose motions at the Annual and other General Meetings.

A complete list of branch contacts, National Council members and Standing Committees, is available from this website, as are the association's Constitution and By-Laws (see the relevant pages in the 'About Us' section).