Social Media for Museums and Galleries

3:00pm Thursday, 20 February 2020
4:00pm Thursday, 20 February 2020
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Join AMaGA and a panel of professionals, for a webinar on information and insight into how to best integrate social media into their museum or gallery operations.

Social media is a powerful means of engaging and communicating with your community and audience. How do museums and galleries integrate social media into their communications? Are there platforms that are advantageous and if so, how do museums and galleries put their best foot forward?


Olivia Gumienny
Having worked within the Museum sector for almost a decade, Olivia’s role within Museums Victoria as Social Media Manager is to ensure that the 38 odd social media accounts are performing at their best across all platforms and ultimately, driving a strong return on investment for the organization. To do this, Olivia has developed and implemented a range of strategic initiatives including best practice guides, KPI tracking sheets, community management procedures and crisis management tools. Amazingly, Olivia has still found time to manage her own side hustle - sharing beauty and fashion tips through her own personal blog. And TikTok.

Katrina Osborne

Katrina is an experienced Social Media Coordinator, her current role at the National Museum of Australia has proven there is wonderful engagement and innovation in the digital space for museums. Her past roles at the National Portrait Gallery give Katrina a unique insight into just how museums and galleries can utilise social media. 

She has a strong belief that our cultural institutions are living, breathing organisations that have the capacity to facilitate creativity and instigate change.Katrina has a primarily worked in the cultural sector and has worked across departments such as communications, marketing and public programs

Keren Nicholson

Keren is the energetic and tenacious social media manager of the National Gallery of Australia, where she is responsible for the enormous presence of the Gallery. With a background in art history and journalism, Keren has been working in digital marketing and communications, specialising in social media in the arts and museums sector, for more than five years.

Keren believes that data driven creative content with story-telling at its heart is the key to any successful social media campaign, and that strong, mutually satisfying relationships build the best social media presence. Keren loves nothing more than going out into the Gallery spaces and finding the hidden stories behind the artworks you love (and love to hate).


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