Acquisition 101: From Doorstep to Display

3:00pm Wednesday, 4 March 2020
4:00pm Wednesday, 4 March 2020
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Join AMaGA’s Community Museum Network, Lee Scott, Margot Jolly, Philip Moorehouse and Ewan Morrison for a webinar on as to the process, procedure and other requirements of acquisitions for small community based organisations. 

From the items that are left on the doorstep, boxes found in attics, to photo albums how do volunteers and staff of community museums and galleries navigate the acquisition process.

With the considerations of policy, workflow, and training requirements of front of house staff and volunteers, acquisitions are a vital part of museum and gallery operations.

This webinar will cover the best practice of the process of acquisitions for community based organisations.


Margot Jolly: Margot became a museum consultant after moving to the country. Margot spent 10 great years working for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, honing skills in collections management, interpretation, display and museum management. Love can change the course of a career, hence the return to the country and the opportunity to assist small volunteer run museums. Margot brings her rural background and professional experience to the regions. Past experience includes, significance assessments, strategic plans, collection policy writing, registration and cataloguing, integrated pest management, preventative conservation, interpretation and display.

Ewan Morrison: Ewan is the President of The Old Courthouse Museum Batemans Bay (Batemans Bay Heritage Museum) and a museum consultant. With extensive experience in museums and acquisitions of collection items his skills, passion and experience in the community museum sector give him unique insight into the best methods and processes for other community museums. 

Philip Moorhouse: Philip has been collecting most of his life, and a passionate collector of wooden type fonts for many years. Combining his interest in collecting with his passion for the internet, he set to work designing a website. Then other collector friends became interested, and so he changed the design to a blank, customisable, website template suitable for every collector to showcase their collection online, and was born. Philip has extensive experience working with community museums in this early acquisition and accessioning stages. 

Facilitated by Lee Scott, AMaGA National Operations Manager and member of the Community Museums Network

Wednesday 4th March 

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