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About Us

Museums Australia is the national association for museums and galleries. Our membership includes both museums and galleries, and the amazing people who work or volunteer in them. We also welcome students and consultants and anyone with a general interest in our sector.

Museums Australia is more than a professional association. We are a community of engaged, educated, creative and innovative people. 

When you partner with Museums Australia, you become a part of our community and strengthen the power of your brand.

Museums Galleries Australia Magazine

In publication since 1992, our magazine features items of interest for museum and gallery professionals and those involved in the sector generally, including:

  • Collection overviews
  • Education and related information
  • Book and exhibition reviews
  • Promotion and reviews of conferences and other industry events
  • Information for professional development
  • Coverage of new museum and gallery developments
  • International news
  • Digital developments
  • Advertising of relevant products and services

Museums Galleries Australia Magazine is the only national publication for museums and galleries in Australia.

Our award-winning designed magazine is published quarterly and provides service providers with a tried and tested method to reach the sector. Our loyal advertisers keep coming back to our magazine because they know that the people they want to reach are reading it. Museums Galleries Australia Magazine provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to access individuals and organisations interested in:

  • Heritage and conservation
  • Cultural tourism
  • Conservation and collection management
  • Exhibition and showcase design
  • Museum and gallery exhibitions
  • Education and research
  • Science and technology
  • Art and design
  • Indigenous issues
  • Natural and social history
  • Promotion of cultural events
  • Volunteering and Third Sector partnerships
  • Australian cultural life