Administration and Technical

A large portion of positions available in a larger organisation are those that keep the place working from day to day. Receptionists, finance administrators, designers, electicians, media and PR specialists, IT technicians, librarians and photographers. In smaller and community museums, these roles will generally be undertaken by volunteers or contractors.

Qualifications and personal attributes

Selection criteria and position statements for 'support' roles in museums and galleries will look just like those for any other sector. It is however very important that personally you have a demonstrable interest in and even some experience within the cultural sector, whether it be volunteering at a community museum, guiding, or some tertiary coursework in cultural studies.

Other information

As with any position in museums and galleries, experience working or volunteering in a community museum will greatly enhance your overall skills in all areas of museum administration and help you to determine a particular area you may like to target in your jobseeking. Any and all experience you can gain working with and around cultural and heritage objects will be beneficial.

Salary summary

Technical Officer     $51,160      $69,614 
Administration         $46,053      $83,371 
Designer                 $59,656      $95,050