2021-2023 National Council Nominations


2021 is an election year. We are calling for nominations for National Council.

Closing date: 9 March 2021

  1. Before nominating, read up on the Council roles and responsibilities in the National Council Handbook
  2. If you were on National Council 2019-2021 you will need to check that you are eligible to stand again. 
  3. Current Council Members DO need to re-nominate for the next term. 
  4. All positions are open - please select only ONE position. 
  5. The information requested here is gathered to inform the Nominations Committee on the diversity of the nominees and whether gaps need to be addressed in terms of geographical location, areas of interest, gender, background, etc. All the answers are confidential. 



Fill in the form below. Before you complete the form, you will need:

  • A nominator - their full name and email address
    A member who nominates you for National Council
  • A seconder - their full name and email address
    Another member who agrees with this nomination

The nominator may be contacted to confirm the nomination. 

If you have any questions about the nominations or elections processes, or the roles of Councilor, please contact the National Office on 02 6230 0346 or info@amaga.org.au


Full name of the person being nominated to National Council

Select whether you are an individual member, or the designated representative of an organisational member (include the name of the organisation). Only one person from an organisation can be nominated at any one time.

This is confidential and used only to determine geographical spread of nominees.

This information is confidential and used to ensure an equal gender balance across the nominees.

This question is optional and confidential. Diversity and representation are very important to AMaGA's vision and mission. In the interest of representing as many people as possible on National Council, as well as including a multitude of new views, values and commentary, we are looking for as diverse a range of nominees as possible.

Name of the member nominating you to National Council

Email address of Nominator

Name of the member who seconds/supports the nomination

Please upload a photo which we can include in any election communications or later announcements.

Please upload a short biography to include with any elections communications or announcements. Up to around 500 words, consider discussing you work experience, areas of interest, what you hope to bring to the National Council including any specific AMaGA projects you are keen to be involved with.

By submitting this form you are declaring that the information presented here is accurate at the time of submission and you have the permission of the nominator and seconder to provide their contact details as proof of their support.